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Online Gambling Statistics in Australia

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Aussies are among the world's most prominent gamblers, whether they're playing slots at a traditional casino or the finest online casinos. Australians will find everything from slots to table games to keep them occupied at these newly added Australian casinos. Players from Australia can significantly improve their beginning money with match deposit welcome bonuses, free spins, or cash by taking full advantage of bonuses, which are routinely offered at the most incredible online casinos like Diverjoecasino.

The latest lockdowns have also demonstrated the benefits of online Australian casinos versus brick-and-mortar counterparts, as the doors never close and there is no chance of infection. Giving online casinos a try and taking advantage of the comfort, lower house edge, outstanding bonuses, and an extensive range of games is the best decision a player can make. Australians, like those from other countries, like playing at online casinos. Here are some interesting facts and figures on online betting in Australia and some entertaining sidebars.

Every Year, More Than $240 Billion is Wagered

Australians are among the world's most ardent gamblers, with total bets of $242 billion in 2017-18. This represents a $34 billion gain over the previous year, resulting in an astronomically high average per capita of $12,000.

Two Out of Every Five People Bet Regularly

Not every Australian, though, gambles. Only around two out of every five persons (39 percent, or 6.8 million) gamble regularly. The casino is the most common type of gambling, with $181 billion spent on pokies and other similar games.

Only Once a Year Is This Game Legal

It's not the internet, but it's an interesting fact: one game is only allowed one day a year outside of a casino (Anzac Day in New South Wales and Victoria). The game of two-up has a long history, going back to the Anzac days of the twentieth century. The game is easy enough, including throwing two coins and wagering on where they fall, but it demonstrates that wagering has been a part of Australian culture for a long time.

Betting on Royal Baby Names

Australians are willing to wager on almost anything. Although online casinos and mobile wagering have grown in popularity in current years, and sports gambling remains a popular pastime, foolish side markets such as betting on Royal baby names have remained a popular distraction. Focusing on Norman names is still a good strategy when it comes to the straight line of succession.

More Than 80% of People Bet in Some Way

When it comes to gambling, Australia is at the top of the international rankings, with official research from 2013 revealing that over 80% of the population engages in gaming. Moreover, half of Australians participate in multiple types of betting.

According to a 2020 consumer study, more than half of Australians (55 percent) had engaged in two or more kinds of betting engagement in the previous 12 months.

Online betting on mobile devices is more common than ever before.

According to the same survey, most people (between 80% and 90% for each kind of wagering activity) had placed bets online using mobile devices, highlighting the growing relevance of smartphones in online betting.

Online Gambling is on The Rise

Due to the recent suspension of all non-essential services in Australia due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, joint research by analytics firm AlphaBeta and the Australian credit bureau indicated a 67 percent spike in online gambling for March 30 to April 5, 2020. Online gambling is one of the most significant improvements to the Australian economy. If the current trend continues, it is expected that this industry will see an additional $2 billion in spending by the end of the year. Another obvious question is what proportion of commercial clients who switched to online products are likely to return.

Betting Marketplaces for Entertainment, Novelty, and Esports are Growing

In addition, Australian betting companies are expanding their leisure and novelty betting sectors. Additional exotic products and services have lately been added, such as;

  • Betting on reality TV shows like Lego Masters Australia

  • The weather, including wagering on whether the average temperature in capital cities will be higher or lower than predicted

  • Quarterly positive and adverse residential real estate market conditions across Australian cities

The results are to be confirmed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Global Betting and Gaming Consultants claim that online gaming is the quickest industry of Australian betting.

Final Thoughts

With the closing of traditional casinos, retail wagering facilities, and gaming venues, online gambling providers see a massive increase in sign-ups as retail customers migrate to the internet. Australia's poker/slot machines are idle, and venues are unlikely to reopen soon. Individuals are becoming bored due to the present stay-at-home laws, and they are turning to the internet for pleasure.

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Online Gambling Statistics in Australia

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