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SOLARR Unveils Launchpad to Jumpstart Initial NFT Offering (INO) Projects

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SOLARR Launchpad Community Beta Release is now live

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 October 2022 – SOLARR today announced the Community Beta Release of SOLARR Launchpad, an initial sale platform offering users priority access to limited edition genesis NFTs.

Projects listed on the platform are carefully vetted and curated prior to acceptance to ensure that they have reached an appropriate level of maturity, offers a scalable infrastructure, and is beneficial to the NFT community.

SOLARR Launchpad empowers innovators and project developers with the infrastructure and tools on a comprehensive platform to mint and list genesis NFTs launched through Initial NFT Offering (INO). INO is a further evolution of token offerings, providing INO participants with an early opportunity to subscribe to limited edition NFTs and to help NFT issuers realize their project goals.

“INO accelerates the go-to-market of early-stage token projects and mainstream businesses that are transitioning into Web3 by enhancing NFT liquidity, simplifying the listing process, extending to a wider global community, and providing an inclusive experience for all,” says Alex Lee, Founder & CEO of SOLARR.

One Stop Solution for NFT Projects

SOLARR Launchpad simplifies the process of bringing genesis NFTs to the market by offering a one-stop solution covering INO advisory, utility design, marketing, and NFT design, along with the technology platform for minting and listing genesis NFTs.

Bolstered by the personalized service of its in-house NFT experts, SOLARR offers NFT projects more than just a cutting-edge technology platform for minting and listing genesis NFTs but also access to backers, community building, marketing, and a robust partnership network.

Multi-Chain and Cross Industry Support

SOLARR Launchpad supports the listing of unique NFT projects spanning automotive, luxury goods, F&B, real estate, entertainment, agriculture, and ESG sectors. The platform will initially support INOs launched on Ethereum and Polygon networks with more cross-chain support to be added in the near future.

The Community Beta Release version of SOLARR Launchpad is now live and the platform is expected to officially launch in early November 2022 along with the reveal of the first philanthropy project on the platform, Non-Fungible Venus. For more information on SOLARR Launchpad, visit
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SOLARR is a DeFi-integrated NFT commerce platform, empowering users to increase utility, unlock value, and liquify NFTs within a secure decentralized digital commerce platform connected to the metaverse virtual economy. SOLARR's mission is to accelerate NFT mass-adoption with utility, accessibility, and liquidity. Ultimately, SOLARR’s vision is to facilitate the world’s transition into the decentralized digital economy.

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