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Herbalife Nutrition’s Simply Recycle Challenge Sees Over 712,000 Product Canisters Submitted for Recycling from 3,300 Participants across the Asia Pacific Region

  • Written by Telegraph Magazine

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 16 November 2022 - Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition today announced the results of its Simply Recycle Challenge, a regional initiative that aimed to motivate its members across the Asia Pacific markets to submit used Herbalife Nutrition product canisters for recycling.

Held from June to August this year, the program accumulated a total of 712,232 product canisters, weighing 36 tonnes – which is equivalent to six African elephants, from more than 3,300 Herbalife Nutrition members who participated in the Challenge.

The result of the Simply Recycle Challenge will also enable Herbalife Nutrition to plant 1,421 trees through its partnership with the non-profit organization, One Tree Planted. On average, a tree can absorb about 10kg of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years, therefore, these trees could sequester the equivalent of approximately 14 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the planet every year, equivalent to two round-the-world trips in terms of carbon footprint generated by a car running on petroleum.

"We are delighted with the results of the Challenge and the positive response from our members in support of this green initiative," said Stephen Conchie, Regional President of Asia Pacific and China for Herbalife Nutrition. "Environmental stewardship is a key component of our global responsibility strategy. From implementing the Simply Recycle Challenge to incentivize recycling of our product packaging, to reducing use of plastic throughout our distribution network, we are taking meaningful steps to do what's needed to promote a sustainable future for people and the planet."

Launched on World Environment Day 2022 (June 5) as part of the company's Go Green initiative in Asia Pacific, the Simply Recycle Challenge encouraged Herbalife Nutrition independent members and Nutrition Club owners across the region to recycle their used Herbalife Nutrition product canisters.

Apart from the Simply Recycle Challenge, some Herbalife Nutrition markets in the Asia Pacific region have implemented additional recycling programs in partnership with local organizations; for instance:

  • In Vietnam, Herbalife Nutrition has collaborated with the Ho Chi Minh City Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (HANE) to convert used product canisters into plastic grains for reuse in manufacturing;
  • In the Philippines, the company's partnership with Green Antz enables the transforming of discarded product packaging into green building materials;
  • In Malaysia, the company has engaged Recycle for Life (RFL) to collect used product canisters and bottles from its Sales and Distribution Center in Kuala Lumpur on a regular basis. 100% of the cash rewards resulted from this program will be donated to Herbalife Nutrition Foundation to improve the lives of children and communities in the country; and
  • In Thailand, the company donates used product canisters to Chak Daeng Temple in the Samut Prakan Province for reprocessing into useful materials.

On a global level, Herbalife Nutrition continues with ongoing initiatives in eliminating negative environmental impacts, such as reducing the use of plastic by increasing the integration of recycled materials like PCR (post-consumer resin) in its Formula 1 canisters, while decreasing the overall amount of packaging for its nutrition products.

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