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Pretty Beauty Presents: 3 Signature Skincare Treatments for Men

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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 1 December 2022 - Keeping skin healthy and vibrant is not just a topic for women, but also an important daily routine for men.

Men's skincare is gradually becoming a hot topic in the city; yet there are only a handful of beauty centres in Hong Kong that focus on men's skincare. The construction of skin for men and women are different and so should be the skincare treatments on them. While ordinary beauty centres may not be capable of catering both men's and women's skincare needs, Pretty Beauty has set up a professional skincare centre for men, launching 3 signature skincare treatments for men to provide targeted skincare procedures.

Skin Rejuvenation:
LDM® Cell Regeneration and Futera Dots Pore Repair

Majority of men's skin issues are enlarged pores and excessive facial oil. When the cleaning work is not done thoroughly, dandruff, facial oil and dirt will clog the facial pores, resulting in folliculitis, damage of hair follicle, acne and several other skin problems. The lower the vitality of the skin, the more likely different skin problems emerge. Ordinary skin care products and treatments may not be effective for men, because of men's facial hair and thicker skin, which reduces the absorption capacity.

Pretty Beauty introduces the LDM® Signature Cell Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for men. It is known for the energy alternation output of 1/3/10 MHz, which penetrates deep into the bottom layer of the skin to repair inflamed and damaged cells, and to strengthen collagen production and protein fibre remodelling. Skin is once again energised and vitalized. The LDM® uses German patented ultrasonic technology to perform swift alternation of different ultrasonic frequencies to form the unique LDM® cell regeneration energy, solving problems such as excessive skin oil secretion, dullness, and lack of firmness etc. LDM® also increases the self-healing ability of cells, while boosting metabolism to repair skin problems from the root causes.

In addition, Futera Dots uses 8x8 fractional multi-polar radio frequency to focus on the treatment of imperfections in the skin surface, including uneven skin surface, scars, acne marks, etc. It ceases the damage done to the dermis layer and radically treats fibrotic tissue. It simultaneously stimulates the restructuring of collagen and elastin fibres, resulting in smoother skin and more radiant complexion, achieving the effect of reduced fine lines and pores.

Maintain Youthfulness and Energy: Dual-track Dual-line Simultaneous Output HIFU

Aging should be a process of forging an experienced life, instead of showing experienced traces on the face. Pretty Beauty aims to help the experienced gentlemen get rid of the vicissitudes on the skin and the "unclehood". Using the 10 Thera dual-linear simultaneous output of HIFU anti-aging treatment, the high-energy focused ultrasound technology infiltrates deeply into the fascial layer (4.5mm) to heat up collagen tissue and dermis layer (3.0mm). It instantly improves the contour of the face, increases the support of the muscle base, and quickly reduces wrinkles, forehead lines and eye lines. Even if you have literally no time for your daily skincare in your busy days, 10 Thera HIFU can consistently maintain contouring, tightening sagging and soothing skin. This is a delicate time-saving and effective antioxidant and anti-aging method for urban men to maintain vitality and youthfulness every day.

Pretty Beauty focuses on the long-term health of our customers with non-invasive and non-traumatic technology. All equipment in the store has internationally recognized standards to ensure hygiene, safety and reliability. We believe that the self-regeneration ability by nature is the key to forge healthy skin.
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Pretty Beauty: Premium Skincare Specialist since 1985

Founded in Hong Kong since 1985, Pretty Beauty Group has been providing safe, professional and effective beauty services. It has been closely following the world's top beauty knowledge and innovative technological equipment: introducing the cutting-edge patented technology LDM® (Local Dynamic Micro-Massage) developed by Wellcomet Technology in Germany, and the world's first dual-linear simultaneous output HIFU by South Korea's TENTECH etc. Pretty Beauty is committed to bringing together the latest medical and skin care equipment to create beauty experiences with the best quality.

With an excellent team of medical skincare professionals, Pretty Beauty is devoted to providing the most suitable skincare advice, and strives to meet the needs of every man to achieve the most ideal results. Pretty Beauty offers comprehensive one-stop quality services, including in-depth skin analysis, personalised treatment advice, ultimate treatment experience, and post-treatment follow-up services, etc. We believe our reputation is the best reason for your confidence in Pretty Beauty.

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