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In Our 100th Anniversary Year, Reader’s Digest’s 24th Annual Trusted Brands Awards Celebrates The Brands And Personalities Singaporeans Trust The Most

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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 25 May 2022 - The 2022 Trusted Brands survey results are in – and the time to celebrate has arrived. On June 9, 2022, the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands and People Awards will be presented at the Conrad Hotel, Singapore.

The independently-conducted Trusted Brands survey appears exclusively in the June 2022 issue of the Singapore Reader's Digest. It was conducted by leading market research company Catalyst Research, who surveyed 8000 individuals across the five key regions of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan to determine which brands consumers trust most.

Reader's Digest is among the few brands in the world to have the opportunity to celebrate its 100th year anniversary. As a global brand with 23 editions in 41 countries, Reader's Digest has published more than 40,000 articles that inform and entertain, and sold more than 10 billion magazine copies. We are proud to celebrate a century of laughter, changing lives, and journalistic excellence.

Trust has been the guiding human emotion we've all had to rely on to navigate through the pandemic safely. For the survey winners that has meant getting proactive and reaching out to customers and audiences like never before.


Just like previous years, one of the highlights of the 2022 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands awards is the list of most trusted personalities in the following categories: Most Trusted Radio Presenter; Most Trusted TV Host/Presenter For News & Current Affairs; Most Trusted Variety/ Entertainment Presenter; and Most Trusted Sportsperson.

The personalities that Singaporeans put their trust in most are:

Most Trusted Radio Presenter

For more than 35 years, Mark van Cuyenburg, The Flying Dutchman, has entertained, informed and shared experiences across the airwaves with a positive, confident and reassuring manner. As the long-running voice of morning radio and co-host of ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show, Mark is widely recognised and admired. His radio roles have set the standard in radio entertainment that generations have come to expect – fun, upbeat and adventurous commentary with a social conscience. The longevity of his service to Singapore makes him an easy winner of the 2022 Most Trusted Radio Presenter.

TV Host/Presenter For News & Current Affairs

With a career spanning almost 25 years, Glenda Chong is well known for her broadcasting excellence. As anchor and correspondent of Mediacorp's CNA's news show, Asia Tonight, she has a loyal following of viewers. Her capacity to present accurate and timely reports across an array of topics – from economics and politics to lifestyle, international relations and even rallying on behalf of environmental causes, such as CAN's Green Plan campaign – has helped build a wide appeal with viewers and the Singapore public. We're delighted that Glenda has again been voted the Most Trusted TV Host For News & Current Affairs for 2022.

Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter

Michelle Chong could easily be awarded 'the most-hard working' in the entertainment industry. As a celebrated comedian, internationally recognised and awarded film director, YouTuber, actor, industry mentor and entrepreneur, her talents have been recognised for more than 20 years. Michelle's list of projects is as impressive as her capacity to transform into characters that lift our spirits and raise much-needed laughter. Congratulations on being voted the Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter for 2022.

Most Trusted Sportsperson

Since 2016, Joseph Schooling's international swimming success has made him the country's most successful sporting hero. Schooling has now altered his focus to serving his country. In January 3, Schooling commenced his national service, which had been deferred since 2014. "As a son of Singapore, I am honoured to serve my country," he said. "Without a doubt, I would not have achieved the results I've had without deferring my national service." Trust is built on shared values, reliability and consistency, and for these reasons, Schooling is a well-deserving recipient of the 2022 Most Trusted Sports Personality.


The award-winning Trusted Brands that are outlined in the Reader's Digest 24th annual survey standout among their competitors. During the hardest of times throughout the pandemic, they have continued to build their customers' trust by consistently responding to their customers' concerns, by sympathising with their situations and providing the necessary support.

"Any consumer brand that wins the trust of the consumer market has achieved an enviable position – it takes years of careful business planning, execution and nurturing," says Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief, Louise Waterson. "Being able to secure the trust of your customers is an extremely valuable asset, particularly during times of economic and social hardship. Trusted brands live up to their promises and this allows them to enjoy the trust of their customers into the future."

Brands that have earned the honour to call themselves a Reader's Digest Trusted Brand have earned the privilege to carry the Trustmark Logo. For consumers, the Trustmark Logo is a trust sign that helps a consumer recognise quality, value and reliability.

Platinum Awards went to those brands that perform exceptionally, based on consumers' perception. In the poll, these brands attained scores that exceed those of their nearest competitors. Some of the awardees were:

  • Cooking Oils – Knife
  • Hair Treatment Centres – Yun Nam Hair Care
  • Home Furnishing Stores – IKEA
  • Family Restaurants – Swensen's
  • Life Insurance – AIA
  • Mattress – King Koil
  • Paint – Nippon Paint
  • Pens– Pilot
  • Sugar Substitutes – Equal
  • Travel Agents – Chan Brothers Travel
  • Washing Machines – Samsung
  • Water Purifiers – Novita

Gold Awards went to brands that had outstanding results, based on the perception of consumers. Some of the brands included in this list were:

  • Air Conditioners – Daikin
  • Air Conditioners – Mitsubishi Electric
  • Air Purifiers – Novita
  • Beauty/Slimming Centres – Dorra Slimming
  • Beauty/Slimming Centres – London Weight Management
  • Cooktops & Ranges – ELBA
  • Cooking Oils – NTUC FairPrice
  • Cooking Oils – OKI
  • Life Insurance – Great Eastern
  • Mechanical Pencils – Pilot
  • Refrigerators – Mitsubishi Electric
  • Rice – NTUC FairPrice
  • Rice – Royal Umbrella
  • Rice – SóngHé
  • Skin Care Centres – New York Skin Solutions
  • Tea – Dilmah
  • Tissue Paper – NTUC FairPrice
  • Travel Insurance – AIA
  • Washing Machines – LG

About the survey

The survey is an independently commissioned poll, with the results appearing exclusively in Reader's Digest Singapore. Leading market research agency Catalyst Research surveyed a representative sample of 8000 individuals from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan to determine which brands consumers trust most.

The survey reveals the brands, products and services that consumers believe in, over more than 50 categories.

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