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Cellmax Debuts the Beauty to Earn Membership NFT "Empower Beauties"

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Brings Forward the Lifelong Gratis Botox Injection Treatment
Preemptively Pegs in the "Meta-Street Hong Kong" of NGT

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 9 June 2022 - A celebrated aesthetic medicine group in Hong Kong, Cellmax ( the "Company") is pleased to announce that it will release 3,199 pieces of its exclusive and pioneer "Empower Beauties" themed limited-edition Non-fungible Tokens ("NFTs") in the form of mystery boxes for members only in this July.

The Company is firmly convinced that the character and profession of every individual woman are worthy of "Empower", so this NFT series is called "Empower Beauties". Cellmax is the forerunner to raise the newfangled concept of blockchain beauty named after "Beauty to Earn", e ach membership NFT is an inimitable female persona . There is one particular NFT in the class attaches Black Card functions, its holder will be entitled with the privilege to enjoy the complimentary Botox (Botulinum Toxin) injection service for life. Cellmax aims to create an unconventional and unparalleled community for people who desire beauty, there users can regale themselves with premium and superior beauty services whilst demonstrating their distinct peculiarity and diverse beauty.

Connie Lam (@connielam418), the official spokesperson of the first-ever
Connie Lam (@connielam418), the official spokesperson of the first-ever "Beauty to Earn" beauty brand NFT series "Empower Beauties" created exclusively by Cellmax

Click to view the Promotion Trailer of Cellmax "Empower Beauties" NFT

The limited-edition NFT beauty membership program of the Empower Beauties series will be gradually launched to the public in two phases. In the first stage, the initial batch of 3,199 Empower Beauty NFTs will be minted and publicly offered for sale. Cellmax claims that all the members who possess the Empower Beauty NFT membership can enjoy a 2-month entire Cellmax VIP experience. In addition to the priority to experience the most advanced tech beauty care, each member will be assigned an appointed beauty consultant and enjoy additional discount on all courses as well. Moreover, through the Beauty to Earn Point Redemption System, members can convert each consumption and experience points (EXPs) earned from participating in other events into Cellmax Coins[1] and use to accumulate credits in the system. When it reaches a certain amount, the credits can be redeemed for beauty services, products, gifts or other NFTs of collaboration projects, etc. All Empower Beauties NFTs are stored through blockchain technology and permanently valid.

When the second stage rolls out, Cellmax will establish a branded beauty center in the "Metaverse", formally extending the business scenarios from the physical world to the virtual space. Simultaneously, the Company will join forces with other eminent brands with both competency and reputation in the medical cosmetology industry to create a Beauty Metastudio. By animating all the tangible values such as services, products and sponsorships of these major brands as simulated treasures or rewards, players can collect and exchange them to apply in the real world afterwards. The Beauty Metastudio will dispark several priority experiencing zones for players to have a scooped glimpse and forestall forays.

Ms. Sindy Kwok , Director of Cellmax stated, "In the beginning, the idea of blending these two completely disparate conceptions of 'blockchain' and 'beauty', came after the witness of abrupt emergence and burgeon of the digital asset. Then it's followed by the whim to make this originality to carry out marketing reform of the beauty industry. Our team came up with the concept of 'Beauty to Earn' after many discussions on the fusion of blockchain and NFT, that means embracing beauty and earning benefits all along the way. The beauty industry is always a traditional consuming business, so if consumers can earn much more benefits in the virtue of attributes and security of blockchain while enjoying beauty cares, why not?"

Cellmax has been established for many years, widely recognized and affirmed by the industry for its service quality and business prestige. The Company is planning to set up more branches across districts. It is conspicuous that some front mega brands leverage NFT in their marketing blitz and yield brilliant effect, hence Cellmax has announced collaboration with NextGen Tech ("NGT"), a leading one-stop NFT project launcher in Hong Kong. Earlier on, the Company has taken the lead to station in the "Meta-Street Hong Kong" that created by NGT. This NFT-based block designs to cooperate with local artists, KOL, and renowned brands to expand the commercial and entertainment scenes to the Metaverse realm, then to pursue and fulfill the "MetaExperience" as well as echo the rising concept of " Being Digital" . Mr. Francis Leung, CEO of NextGen Tech also added, "Each store in the 'Meta-Street Hong Kong' is an NFT, its holder has the right to enlarge the scale, decorate the shopfront and transfer the location within the space. This indicates that Cellmax has already stepped into the Metaverse and Metaera as an NFT itself. In the future, we would like to steadily transform the offline services to online experiences, to build up a groundbreaking beauty community with bright outlook."

[1] Note: The Cellmax official will give away a fixed amount of Cellmax Coins to the first batch of NFT holders for free, and the Coins are only used for credits accumulation. Cellmax Coins cannot be transferred, entrusted, or traded between members. Cellmax Medical Beauty Center reserves all the right for the final interpretation and explanation of this project.

About Cellmax

Cellmax is a celebrated aesthetic medicine group in Hong Kong, specializing in high-class scientific medical beauty treatments for clients. The Company adheres to its normative protocols to termly render the most edgy vocational training to staffs, and constantly upgrade in-house equipment and technology, striving to entrench its leading position in the industry. Cellmax engages in providing clients with the most transparent, thoughtful, and pleasing beauty journey, ensuring them the optimum state of skin and contour. At present, Cellmax has officially trod in the Metaverse, by enabling aesthetic medicine marketing through blockchain technology, it will usher the customers in a unique beauty-seeking exploration.

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