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My AussieCoins Review For BTC Users in Australia

  • Written by a Guest Writer

Finding a secure and trusted exchange platform is no longer an issue in Australia, now that exchanges have to comply with several pieces of regulation and get registered in order to provide services.

One of the brands I’ve recently worked with is AussieCoins and because it really made a good impression on me, this AussieCoins review will highlight some of the most important features. In case you are looking for an exchange to buy BTC with AUD, stick to the end of this article and then check the website to find out more.

AussieCoins Exchange Platform

One of the key things about AussieCoins stands in the user-friendly exchange platform. There’s no need for prior experience to use it and that means buying Bitcoin would be available for any Australian citizen. All you have to do is select the cryptocurrency (BTC), insert the fiat amount you want to exchange (the platform will display in real-time the equivalent in Bitcoin), add your wallet address, and then agree with all the terms and conditions. I’ve dealt with other exchanges in the past but none had managed to simplify the process as AussieCoins does.

Strong Security

To reinforce its infrastructure, AussieCoins relies on industry-leading security protocols. No one will have access to your funds or personal information thanks to the registration compliance with AUSTRAC and a Privacy Policy. Keeping a strong security level is one of the most important aspects when dealing with exchanges, and thankfully, does it professionally.

Easy Registration Process

To open up an account with AussieCoins, you must be a resident from Australia. Email address, phone number, and setting up the password are the first few details you must take care of. After confirming the email address, you will need to provide more personal information (full name, age, address, etc.).

The verification process is very smooth and for small purchases, you can verify your identity with as little as a driving license. Only in case you want to buy large amounts, AussieCoins will demand an ID + proof of residence. This is mandatory due to the AML/KYC Policy in play. Once you’re done, the platform will be available and the exchange process can start.


For now, AussieCoins enables you to exchange fiat (AUD) for Bitcoin. You can do so by using a PayID, POLi Payments, or a wire transfer. The option for BPAY Payments will also be added soon.

There’s also important to note the minimum deposit is 200 AUD, according to the information I’ve seen on their website. For me, the asset coverage was great because Bitcoin was the main interest. Still, the exchange promises to increase its crypto support in the near future, providing more options for customers.

Customer Service

I was surprised to see AussieCoins representatives so actively wanting to assist me. It was right as it should be: not too “pushy”, but also not indifferent. Their live chat feature is awesome, while there’s also a second communication channel via email. I’ve seen a lot of good feedbacks about the AussieCoins customer service and after experiencing it myself, I can assure all of them are legit. Learn how to buy Crypto on CommSec in Australia.


In case you are reading my review and you are interested to exchange AUD into Bitcoin, then AussieCoins is definitely one of the best picks for you. All of the features I’ve talked about suggest the brand is reliable and provides an easy alternative to get involved in the cryptocurrency market.

Feel free to check the website or ask for more information via the live chat support. Using the services had been a real pleasure for me and I’ll get back each time I need more BTC.