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Happy and Healthy: 5 Ways to Develop a Strong and Motivated Hybrid Workforce

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A hybrid workforce describes a state in which in-office and remote workers experience complete flexibility and support. Studies have shown that employees in hybrid workplaces have a better work-life balance and are also typically more engaged and productive. 

When you’re an employer trying to experience such benefits for yourself, it can be hard to know where to begin. However, you’ll be on track to having a high-quality hybrid workforce if you take the following actions. 

Hire a Diverse and Inclusive Remote Workforce

According to studies, inclusion and diversity in the workplace result in higher job satisfaction, lower job turnover, and higher employee morale, along with improved productivity and innovation. When you’re trying to develop a strong and motivated hybrid workforce, it makes sense to look for a diverse and inclusive remote team. 

Many people living with disabilities and special needs have a wide range of desirable skills, and all they need is flexibility, support, and the ability to work from the comfort of their own homes. 

Discuss Preferred Contact Methods

How often has the average employee muttered, ‘this could have been an email’ to their colleagues? While frequent meetings and video calls suit some workplaces and employees, they don’t suit all. 

Meet with your hybrid team online or in person to discuss their preferred contact methods. You might find that some people prefer a short daily video call at a particular time of the day, while others prefer one longer call at the end of the working week.   

Provide Perks for All Workers

Remote workers can sometimes be forgotten since they don’t appear in the office. While in-office workers get to enjoy perks like coffee shouts and lunches, remote workers often don’t get anything. 

Depending on where your home-based employees are located, see if you can give all team members some special treats. For example, you might plan in-person lunches that everyone can travel to and be a part of or arrange for lunch to be delivered to your remote workers’ homes. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn this can benefit you as much as them. 

Promote Wellness

More and more employers are starting to see the importance of promoting workplace wellness. It’s reasonably easy to do for in-office workers with health insurance, reminders to get moving, and free fruit, but it can be much harder to provide the same help to remote workers. 

While challenging, it’s not impossible. You might like to extend the offer of health insurance, weekly wellness tips, and check in often to ensure everyone is satisfied and feeling at their best. Even offering mental health services and opportunities to be part of monthly wellness seminars might be more appreciated than you think. 

Recognize the Successes of All

When you hire people to do a specific job, it’s easy to be of the belief that you’re giving thanks by providing them with a regular paycheck. However, frequent recognition for both remote and in-office employees can be crucial for their happiness, job satisfaction, and feelings of worth. 

When you notice that employees are going the extra mile, had excellent customer feedback, or brought a project to a successful conclusion, reach out and make it known just how much you appreciate having them on your team. You’ll be amazed at how much a few words of thanks can mean. 

Developing a strong and motivated hybrid workforce is not an overnight process. It can involve time, effort, and research. Take any of the steps above, and you’ll be well on your way to having the very team your business needs to experience success.