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Study Adelaide - what should you know?

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Adelaide is an excellent place for international students! Many people who go to Australia to study in this country choose this city. What should you know before you go to Adelaide?

Is it worth to study Adelaide?

It's definitely worth studying in Adelaide! This beautiful place is the fifth most populous city in Australia. In this beautiful place, you can find unique architecture. Adelaide is constantly growing, but at the same time, it remains a place full of nature. You can admire the magnificent coastline, impressive hills, and beautiful vineyards in Adelaide.

Adelaide has a rich history behind it. The city was founded in the first half of the 19th century. Nowadays, it is a place where numerous festivals, cultural events, and sports competitions are organized. Adelaide is considered to be one of the best places to live. You can take advantage of a wide range of educational offers and a highly developed labor market there. At the same time, it is a friendly city to live in. You can reach almost everywhere within 20 minutes. You are also always close to nature where you can relax.

How to find accommodation in Adelaide?

If you want to find accommodation in Adelaide, you can use the Internet. You will find many offers on popular portals with advertisements. You can also use help from professionals like the Australia Study team. One of the most popular forms of accommodation in Adelaide is a shared room. That room is an excellent way to save money as it is a relatively cheap option. You can also rent a single or flat room if you value privacy. Moreover, you can also live in a student apartment or a dormitory.

How much does accommodation in Adelaide cost?

For more information about accommodation in Adelaide, visit When browsing this website, you will notice that Adelaide's housing prices vary greatly. The most expensive option is to rent a separate apartment. On the other hand, one of the cheapest options is to choose a place in a dormitory. Many students also decide to rent a room. In this case, you can rent the room only to yourself. You can also rent a room with another person to reduce costs.

Adelaide is the perfect choice if you are looking for a unique place on earth! You'll never be bored in this city. It is not only a place where many exciting events take place. Adelaide is also a beautiful city, which is a natural attraction. The cost of living in Adelaide is much lower than, for example, in Sydney. At the same time, the educational offer and the labor market are expanded.