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Survey selection: how to choose the perfect land surveying provider

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Land surveying may entail a few walks in the park, but the job is anything but that. It requires the difficult combination of tech savvy and weather hardiness that certainly isn’t for everyone.

With this in mind, choosing the perfect land surveying provider can be difficult, too, especially when you consider that the job is actually quite difficult to master. This complex, technical work takes a lot of time to master, and so you have to know you are choosing an experienced provider who has a profound knowledge of the trade.

Here are some tips for choosing that exact provider:

  1. Technical skill

Land surveying entails a highly complex skill set as well as tech savviness. To ensure the job is done properly, providers must utilise the most advanced industry technology. Electronic angle and distance measuring equipment combined with GPS technology is now the norm, and this results in far more accurate readings.

However, it takes time and experience to master the use of this technology, and the provider must offer a wide range of services as well as comprehensive record keeping to ensure a full service.

  1. An awesome reputation

It is imperative to select a provider that has an outstanding industry reputation. Before you choose the provider, request to see their licence or check your local authority’s licencing board to see that they do in fact have their licence. This is a minimal requirement, but this doesn’t mean the provider is the best in town, with the best way to find out being to consult their online reviews and request testimonials from other clients who were happy with their service.

Analyse the provider’s credentials and reputation to ensure that it meets your requirements, checking their accreditation and whether they are an industry provider that goes above and beyond!

  1. Experience

Regardless of whether you are building a commercial or residential project, you want to ensure the provider is skilled in the style that you need. It’s important to ask if the provider has the necessary experience to handle your particular type of work.

Experienced providers know exactly what they are doing in regards to border evidence, survey markers, handling difficult scenarios and using their specific technology for the specific job. Knowing that they have the necessary experience will provide you with more peace of mind that they will provide a quality service.

  1. Service cost

When it comes to selecting your provider, most people focus solely on price, but this is a surefire way to choose a low quality provider whose service will give you headaches down the track. Cheap surveys often result in expensive long-term errors, so paying less today could find you paying more in the future.

There are numerous factors involved in survey estimates, including parcel size, survey type, time of year, location, topography, accessibility, landscape and what is needed to be recorded. You have to consult with a professional to receive an accurate cost estimate, and this is also a good time to see if the land surveying provider is actually right for the job.

Consider the above-listed criterion and then further consider your options, specifying which solutions you need for your service. Consult the provider to see if they can actually provide these services before receiving your cost estimate.

Following these important considerations will help you choose the perfect provider for your needs. Just be sure to do your research and never skip out on cost as this will generally result in a subpar, expensive long-term problem!