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Business coaching is rightfully becoming an integral part of a person’s business activity because, in a busy business career, you can very easily exhaust yourself trying to meet the growing requirements of an already busy schedule. Often, urgent daily requirements distract you from many important matters in life, including your development and, accordingly, your success in business. And the tension from the fact that there are problems in business and cannot be done everywhere can deprive you of health, creative strength, initiative and a sense of satisfaction. Your ability to be a leader, to develop and convey a clear vision to others in your business may decrease.

Under these conditions, a business coach and his ability to provide impartial and practical support to an entrepreneur or professional with the help of business coaching can become an invaluable factor in balance. This type of personal interaction with a business coach in an accessible and convenient format allows him to find solutions that work for him, remove problems in the business and help him move forward to his business success faster and more economically than without him.

To achieve new levels of success, an entrepreneur needs to routinely refocus his efforts, develop a clear vision of where he wants to go and how his business career should be built specifically. You need to release your main productive talents, what you can do best, plus delegate, learn new skills, maintain balance and satisfaction, making his business worth it. Such tasks are much simpler, easier and cheaper to solve when personal assistance to the entrepreneur is nearby.

What does a business coach do?

The coach asks questions, answering which, the client receives a deep awareness of his situation. As a rule, these are questions that the client did not ask or did not want to ask himself. During the coaching session, the coach gives feedback, supports the client in developing the necessary skills, as a result of which the client receives a clear vision of the situation and takes responsibility for achieving the result.

What tasks can be solved with the help of business coaching?

Among the most pressing tasks in business coaching are:

Creation of a new business (development of a business plan, assessment of necessary resources, analysis of SWOT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats);

The implementation of new business ideas, the launch of new projects;

Optimization of existing business (increase in profit, rebranding, increase in sales, etc.)

Development of the goal, vision and mission of the company;

Development of leadership skills among top managers;

Organization of training for special professional skills and competencies; other.

Advantages and disadvantages of business coaching

There are many benefits of coaching that can be applied to the company, but also, sometimes, there are some drawbacks since its application can be confusing if it is not done correctly. Here we can find some examples:

Benefits of coaching for the company

Improves relations between workers

Increase leadership of managers

Reduce stress and help avoid employee anxiety at work

It involves all the workers of the company in the achievement of common objectives

Improve creativity levels

It facilitates the diagnosis of problems within the company

Help to resolve conflicts within the organization

Develop people’s communication skills

It promotes the development of the individual talent of the members of the organization

Improves the adaptation of workers to changes effectively

Disadvantages of coaching in the company

Workers may come to think that they are therapies that help workers

Sometimes it is confused with consulting jobs where they come to tell us what we have to do

It is very difficult to quantitatively measure the results and the return on investment

Types of business coaching

Although on many occasions, this concept is used to encompass all coaching models that refer to the business environment, we must take into account that there are different classes according to the people that are addressed and the objectives of its application.

Business coaching: it differs from others in that it focuses on the group of workers in the company with the aim of improving internal communication and relationships between them. It seeks to strengthen teamwork and better management of problems and conflicts that may arise.

Organizational coaching: it is aimed at all people who are part of the culture of the organization. It is not so much about improving relations between people, but getting all members to internalize and acquire the values of the organization. In this way, all people are involved and work for the development of the vision that the company has.

Commercial coaching: commercial coaching is mainly aimed at commercials and sales teams of companies. With it, we try to improve the communication skills and motivation of these people, to achieve greater benefits in terms of sales and relationships with other organizations.

Executive Coaching: This part of the coaching is aimed at people who are in the management of the companies or intermediate positions that have teams in charge. The objective is to improve the leadership skills of these people so that they can improve in the management of people, work attitudes and teamwork, thereby achieving the greater performance of the work team.

When should you contact a business coach?

As the organization develops, owners, top managers and key specialists are increasingly faced with unique personal and professional challenges. With the help of coaching, managers and specialists achieve their results easier, more accurately and more efficiently.

What are the stages of the relationship between the coach and client?

In the framework of the first meeting of the coach and the client, an agreement is formulated between the parties on the format and frequency of the sessions, responsibility of the parties, forms and terms of payment, a contract for the provision of coaching services is concluded.

After paying for the services, the parties begin to work together in the form of coaching sessions, the results of which can generate a report and a list of the obligations of the client. Most tasks are solved within the framework of 8-10 coaching sessions.

At the final coaching session, the coach and client summarize the results of their joint work: have the goals been achieved, to what extent, if not, what caused this.

If you are serious in your intention to easily cope with business problems, achieve all the best results in your business, while feeling balanced and confident, then business coaching and business coach will become an effective catalyst in this. You will receive an objective, unbiased assistant and partner who will work with you on a systematic basis so that you gradually achieve the desired results and success in business comes to you. It is convenient, acceptable and completely confidential.


The discipline of coaching began to be used especially at the individual level for people who wanted to improve some aspect of their individual or professional life. However, now, there are already many companies that use business coaching sessions and tools to improve the motivation and performance of organizations’ human resources.

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