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Are Birdhouses Safe From Other Animals

  • Written by Telegraph Magazine

When you think of it, having a birdhouse at the back of your house is fun, and you can watch birds crowding in one place. However, there will be times when other animals, like raccoons and even stray cats, try to destroy such safe spaces. This article will teach you to make your birdhouses predator-proof and bird-safe.

Are Birdhouses Safe From Other Animals?

To answer this frankly, no. Birdhouses, especially when placed hanging on trees and fences, are not safe from other animals. This is true when you live in neighborhoods where wild animals are always sighted.

How to Build a Safe Birdhouse Easily?

Here is a step-by-step procedure for securing the birdhouse you have in your backyard. You can buy most of the items you need to make this happen, or you can do them yourself to save money.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Location

The cheapest way to safeguard your birdhouse at home is to choose the right location where it’s not too high or low. If raccoons are found almost everywhere in your area, avoid putting these houses in the trees. Wild animals can reach them and feed on either the birds or the feeds, and that’s not a sight you want to see.

Step 2: Adding Predator Guards

You can also add predator guards when you don’t have any choice but to place them on trees or the wall of your house. An example is the upside-down triangular skirt you can put below the birdhouse. This will prevent animals from climbing the birdhouse from the ground up.

Step 3: Regular Maintenance of Birdhouses

Sometimes, an effective way to protect the birdhouse and the birds inside is to maintain the same through cleaning and fixing broken parts. This will ensure that the house itself is sturdy and reliable. You can look for these kinds of birdhouses by visiting this website.

Step 4: Proper Installation of Birdhouses

Whether you will build the birdhouse from scratch or only assemble what you bought online, properly installing it is critical. You need to ensure that the same does not have holes and crevices where water can come in. Applying waterproof paint or varnish is also recommended to prolong the life of the birdhouse.

How does this protect itself from other animals? Well, by properly installing feeders and birdhouses, you can secure that they will be sturdy and withstand the impact of animals, such as the attacks of raccoons and stray cats.


Birdhouses are a safe haven for birds flying around your neighborhood, so ensuring they are safe from outsiders is very important. Buying additional accessories or installations for them is essential to prevent other animals from destroying this home of birds.