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Actual Types of Online Games in 2021

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The internet led to huge changes in the gaming industry. It’s evident players and developers both moved their focus to online games. Most players aren’t even aware of the vast range of options available, for example 1 dollar deposit casino. Here is an overview of the actual types of online gaming options you can look forward to in 2021. Make sure to check these suggestions as you can rely on them to keep you entertained whenever you need to relax and have fun!

MMO Games

MMO is not a new genre in the web-based gaming market. The abbreviation stands for massively multiplayer online games, and they have been around for decades.

Let’s look at the top options in the MMO genre in 2021:

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – if you watched the movies, you’ll love this MMO. You can pick from Republic and Empire classes, with each of them having a compelling story. SW MMO is free, although you can get benefits with a subscription.

  • World of Warcraft –this game belongs to a subgenre called MMORPG. The title is a true gem and gathers millions of players worldwide.

  • Lord of the Rings – LOTR is another MMO gem with a huge in-game world. Apart from the default content, you can also enjoy expansions, and they are all available without paying a single cent.

  • Trove – if the graphics remind you of Minecraft, that’s only the beginning. In Trove, you need to build your home that will serve as headquarters for heading on quests. The MMO is perfect for those who like more action when playing online.

Online Casino Games

Are you among those who play solo, or you prefer games where you can win actual prizes? If the answer to either of those is yes, we can’t think of a better playing option than visiting online casinos.

Internet gambling platforms have evolved significantly. They offer safe environments and secure transactions. You can look forward to tempting bonuses, and if you pick a 1$ deposit casino, you can start playing with a minimal investment.

The games available to Canadian players vary from slots to live gaming. Spinning the reels is fast-paced and exciting, and you can win progressive jackpots that often surpass $1 million. Alternatively, you can try roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, or join live gaming rooms with human dealers and other players. Many casinos stream in high resolution and ensure to get the thrill of being in a real casino to your location!

Multiplayer Video Games

Let’s go back to good old video games but focus on online multiplayer options. The good news is that titles in various genres now support playing over the web with or against other players. For example, you can play first-person shooter titles against others or form a team with your friends and compete4 against other squads.

If you are a sports fan, FIFA and PES both have a large online community with thousands of people ready to play. RPG, fantasy, racing, and other genres are also suitable for playing on the internet. Some consoles, such as PlayStation, require purchasing a subscription to be eligible to play online, so make sure to check the terms for your desired option first.

Board Games

Do you like playing board games with friends when you hang out together? If you don’t have as many chances to play as before, how about taking things online? It’s much easier because everyone can be in their homes and you can still play many board games.

Newbies could consider starting with Ludo or Monopoly since these are classics. However, you can also try Risk, Clue, and other old-school titles. Once you are ready for the next step, trying Catan might be the right way to go. The good news is that hundreds of board games are available online. It shouldn’t be hard to find your favorite and have a memorable time with friends and family!

Trivia Quizzes

Would you like to test your knowledge on various themes? If that’s the case, trivia quizzes could be your cup of tea. You have two options here – playing against your friends or other players. As for the range of games, you can pick trivia quizzes that focus on general knowledge and offer a mixture of questions.

Alternatively, it’s possible to go with a specialized quiz on a particular topic. If you are an expert in history or movies, try to find a contest focusing on those genres.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a wide range of games that we can play in 2021. It’s an exciting year for mobile gaming, especially because many of these options are available on the go. Apart from using your PC to play, it’s possible to enjoy them on mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices. That applies to trivia quizzes, some board games and MMOs, and also casino releases. You can grab your smartphone and enjoy your favorite slots or other games from any location!

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Actual Types of Online Games in 2021

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