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Solar panels: how to save the planet while saving money

  • Written by News Co

The planet needs as much help as possible. Pollution emissions, accumulated waste, and the negative impact of our carbon footprints are just a few of the many factors that are destroying the environment.

The age of industrialisation and limitless consumption of all kinds of products, including food and energy products, has made the situation worse. We have now reached a point where the world’s awareness is changing.

The effects of climate change, pollution, and waste are now easier to see than ever, reaching historically bad levels.

This situation has led us to think about alternatives to our consumption habits, including our energy consumption. How do we get our electricity? How do we use it? And what waste or consequences does it produce? These are now more widely common concerns.

That is where solar panels come into play as a sustainable, economic, and recommended alternative to help the planet and our pockets too.

What are solar panels and how do they work?

They are also referred to as photovoltaic panels, as they are made up of photovoltaic or photoelectric cells.

These cells are present throughout the production process, and also have silicon, phosphorus, and boron in them. These are very important components due to their heightened semiconductor capacities.

Solar panels benefit from the photoelectric effect by using these components that are inside of the photovoltaic cells. As they are semiconductors and have a different charge, they use the photoelectric effect as a base to generate electricity.

This effect enables the electrons to absorb the energy from the sunlight’s photons. The electrons build up an electric charge, release the material and jump to the next one with a different charge.

The process generates a continuous electric current that the inverters transform into an alternating current, to be used in our homes.

Solar panel innovation

It is a cutting-edge technology; however, the use of solar energy is not anything new, it has just evolved to offer the best possible performance to consumers and to provide maximum efficiency to processes.

In fact, some internationally renowned companies have been investing in these developments for decades, helping them to reach the highest possible levels of quality.

The German-founded company Kaseel Solar is one of the most well-known. They were created at the start of the 20th Century but have evolved their technology and the specialisation of their professionals over time to a point at which they have become leaders in the engineering, manufacture, and trade of solar panels.

This innovation has provided us with solar panels that are now surpassing limits which just a few years ago seemed unimaginable. They are resistant, easy to install, and highly efficient, even in those areas where the weather does not necessarily favour the use of solar energy.

Why do solar panels help the environment?

Solar panels are an investment that is hugely beneficial for the environment. This is due to numerous reasons, which we will list below.

The first of note is that their operation is based on solar energy. As we have mentioned above, they use sunlight and convert it into electricity.

This means that we can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy and keep our energy costs low. We reduce the consumption of limited resources and make use of the sunlight, which is effectively limitless.

The process of obtaining and transforming the energy is also completely sustainable. In comparison to other energy production systems, the benefits are clear. However, it is not just for its use, but also the process behind the energy being sourced.

Solar panels do not produce waste that is difficult or expensive to dispose of. Its sustainability is present throughout its service life, which in comparison to other devices, is considerably much longer.

Furthermore, during their service lives, solar panels actually produce more energy than is required to produce them.

All these factors mean that solar panels reduce our carbon footprints and help in the current fight against climate change. Therefore, installing and using them at your home is a personal contribution that you can make to help improve and protect our environment.

Why will solar panels help your finances?

One of the most attractive benefits of installing solar panels is the financial savings offered by the investment.

The cost of installing them at your home in comparison to the financial savings on your energy bills makes the investment hugely cost effective.

This cost effectiveness is clearly not immediate, it will take some time to see. However, the reduction in the time required to see a return on investment has been one of the most notable commercial advantages over the last few years.

This cost effectiveness will also depend on the weather conditions in each area. In the south of Spain, primarily the coast of Andalusia in Spain, a return on investment on these installations can be seen in as little as four years.

In any case, you will not have to wait that long to see the financial benefits, as these can be seen as of the first month of use when we compare our energy bills to the previous month.

In fact, companies such as Kaseel Solar are all in when it comes to self-consumption. Their solar panels are designed with specific solutions for these kinds of installations, with the guarantee of their German reliability and 20 years of experience.

If we choose a company that is an expert in these sorts of developments, we can enjoy the financial benefits of solar energy and see some significant financial savings.

These savings may also be beneficial in the future if we eventually decide to sell a property. Investing in solar panels adds value to a property, as potential buyers may also want to enjoy the benefits of the installations.

Some studies have shown that a property with solar panels installed can be valued up to 15% higher when sold in comparison to an identical property without solar panels.

Finally, we also have to take a look at how kind an energy supplier the sun is. It will not put its rates up, it will not increase related fees, and there will never be any supply faults. It is the best option if you want to change to renewable energy and start to enjoy all of the benefits it offers.