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Top 4 Modern Water Conservation Methods in the Time of Climate Change

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Water is probably the second most important thing that all living creatures need to survive (after oxygen or air), and humans need it the most. Besides drinking, people also use clean freshwater to wash, clean, and produce other necessities like shelter, clothing, food, and even electricity.

However, the world’s freshwater supply is dangerously close to depletion. With 97.5 percent of the world’s water supply that comprises the seas and oceans is too salty for human use and most of the other 2.5 percent is frozen in the ice caps, humans have to make do with whatever remains.

But with climate change threatening what little supply is left, everybody needs to play their part in conserving and augmenting the world’s water supply.

Fortunately, experts are finding plenty of ways to do this. From better water distribution to flood water management solutions, here are the top four methods people can use to save water during the time of climate change:

  1. Dams

Dams are built to serve as barriers to restrict or block water flow from rain and underground streams. It helps create reservoirs that not only help manage flood but also provide water for various purposes, including:

  • Irrigation

  • Industrial use

  • Aquaculture

  • Electricity

More importantly, dams have the added function of collecting or storing water for distribution to different areas. When used in conjunction with other structures like levees (or dikes) and floodgates, dams can help direct water flow where it is needed.

Of course, people can only enjoy the numerous advantages dams can provide if these are constructed expertly and efficiently. Leaks can mean trouble not only in terms of water supply but also during typhoons, so dam sealers and other innovations also need to be considered.

Moreover, prior to dam construction, impact assessments on the surrounding area and affected communities need to be undertaken to protect habitats, flora, fauna and people.

  1. Soil Erosion Control

Soil erosion affects the quality of water distributed across a community.

Beyond the loss of fertile land where precious crops can grow, it also contributes to water pollution and the sedimentation of rivers and streams, both of which are potential sources of clean, potable water. This will then lead to the clogging of waterways, a decline in fish population, and worse, floods.

Luckily, innovations like the global enviro technology provide a much-needed solution to these erosion woes. These soil binders combine and bind with the soil to form an interconnected structure with the granular particles on the surface. Once the polymer dries, the outcome is a waterproof surface that is durable enough to keep soil intact and prevent erosion.

  1. Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding has been used for years in augmenting water supply in certain places. The process involves putting substances in the clouds to make rainfall.

Among the most commonly used substances to trigger precipitation are:

  • Silver iodide

  • Potassium iodide

  • Dry ice

The benefits of cloud seeding range from fog dissipation to weakening thunderstorms. It can also increase rainfall and suppress hail, which is why many public officials, scientists, and private practitioners implement it.

Although institutions have yet to produce concrete evidence that this method can have a positive impact on the world’s freshwater supply, it remains a viable option considering the immense need for water supply augmentation.

This is because cloud seeding works in two ways: by increasing the amount of rain over a specific area or producing rain where it doesn’t fall naturally.

Take note, however, that certain conditions need to be met for this method to be considered a cost-effective solution to water supply, as follows:

  • There should be clouds existing in the area.

  • It can only be used effectively in areas with a few weather conditions.

  • It works best as support for gathering water supply in dams during wet years.

  1. Desalination

Since most of the Earth’s water can be found in the seas and oceans, scientists and environment authorities are now considering desalination as a viable solution for the water shortage.

This process entails purifying saltwater into water that is clean enough to be used for drinking. This method shows great promise in ending water supply related woes because it opens up the possibility of using water from the biggest basins on the planet: the seas.

Because of this, experts, governments, and advocacy groups have spent years studying desalination. Their research is focused on converting salty seawater rather than the surface and subterranean brackish water into potable fresh water.

The good news is that technological advances have paved the way for not only improved desalination efficiency but also for cost reduction, making it possible for different countries to put up desalination facilities around the world.

There are many ways to make seawater drinkable, but the most commonly used ones are:

  • Reverse osmosis – This type of seawater treatment forces water through small filters to separate salt from the water.

  • Distillation – This process entails boiling and collecting water vapor on a large scale, leaving the salt behind.

Water is Life

Water is the source of life not only for people but for the entire planet.

As the world faces the threat of climate change, innovations like the ones listed here also pave the way for a better, more sustainable water supply.

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