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14 Best Indoor Plants for Australian Homes

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Your home is your sanctuary and adding plants can make it that much better. What you will need are plants that thrive in the Australian climate and will do well indoors. You want plants that look great and will live for a long time inside of your home. Indoor plants are a bonus that can make your home more peaceful and wonderful. People always add indoor plants to their home, and this is something that is not going to stop soon. Indoor plants add some interest and colour to your home and help to purify the air that you breathe in. You want to choose plants that suit the climate that you live in and plants that are suitable for the style of your home's interior. Most people do not want to spend a great deal of time caring for plants. That is why we have chosen a list of plants that are low-maintenance and look great too.

1. Banana Tree: If you want to have an indoor plant that takes up a lot of space and looks great too, choose an indoor tree. A banana palm can add some drama to your home and transform it into a tropical sanctuary that you enjoy relaxing in.

2. Zanzibar Gem: This plant is indestructible. It just needs a place where it will receive a lot of light. It can survive for a lengthy period without water because it grows from a rhizome. You should only water this plant when it is completely dry.

3. Boston Ferm: A Boston fern is a great plant for hanging. These ferns will bush out dramatically and create a beautiful display of lush greenery. Ferms like to have moist soil, humid air and indirect sunlight which makes them ideal for the bathroom. The only real requirement for this plant is a lot of light.

4. Pinstripe Calathea: This plant likes to be in a bright area out of direct sunlight. You should water it when it is dry, dust the leaves and mist if every day so that it will be able to maintain its humidity and leaf spots will not form.

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig: These plants like to be in a sunny area and love direct sunlight. Do not place this plant in a dark corner. This plant does not enjoy the hot western sun and it does not like air conditioning or any blasts of warm air that might come from a central heating system. These plants should only be watered when the soil is completely dry.

6. Swiss Cheese Plant: this plant likes to be in a well-lit area but not in direct sunlight. The soil should be completely dried out after you water it before you water it again. The leaves like to be misted and dusted and if any leaves are dead, they should be removed. The branches should be supported with stakes. The plant will grow to a height of about 3 meters.

7. Rubber Plant: this plant needs to have bright indoor lighting. The soil should be allowed to dry out totally in between watering. The large leaves should be dusted regularly. If the plant outgrows its pot, it should be replanted as needed and pruned so that it will remain compact.

8. Long-Leaf Fig: this plant is related to the fiddle leaf fig and is one of the more popular plants found in Australian homes. This plant performs indoors and is one of the more ideal indoor trees for homes.

9. Mother-in-Law's Tongue: This plant is extremely popular and can be found in many homes. This plant is rugged and needs plenty of light but not direct sunlight. The leaves are rigid and point upright. You should only water this plant when the soil is completely dry.

10. Prayer Plant: This is a house plant that needs bright lighting but not direct lighting. It should be watered regularly but the pot should not be standing in water at any point. The leaves can open and close during the day. If any leaves die, they should be removed.

11. Zebra Plant: This plant likes to be in a brightly lit spot out of the direct sun. The plant should be watered and misted regularly, and the leaves need to be dusted. This plant is known to grow orange or yellow flowers that last for an extended period of time.

12. Dumb Cane: This plant has vibrant lime green and white colouration and likes bright light but not direct light. The leaves form and grow on stems that are similar to canes. These plants should be pruned regularly. Only water these plants when they are dry and mist them once in a while. All parts of this plant are very poisonous, so probably not a good idea to have this plant if you have pets or small children in your home.

13. Lady Palm: This plant is best suited to a well-lit area and needs to be sheltered. You will need to water it regularly, but the plant pot should be sitting in a puddle of water. Dead fronds should be pruned and removed, and the plant needs to be repotted every few years.

14. Peace Lily: Also known as the Madonna Lilly, this is an extremely popular indoor plant. This plant flowers if it is placed in a bright indoor area. When the soil is dry is when this plant should be watered. Any dead leaves, flowers or stems should be removed.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a list of the more popular house plants in Australia. These are the plants that can be found in many homes in your local area. People love these plants because they are easy to care for and look great in their homes. If you do not have any plants but want to start adding some to your home, these are the best ones to choose from.

Image from Ward Builders