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Workspace Wellness: 6 Tips for Incorporating Health and Wellbeing into Office Design

Offices aren't exactly known for being the happiest or healthiest places. Indeed, they're one of the main places where you'll pick up a bug as an adult. All things considered, many (if not most) of us would much rather work from home. Of course, that doesn’t mean working from home is necessarily the best option. 

The office can deliver many benefits for you and your team, so long as you put the effort into nurturing a healthy, happy environment. The following tips should help you with this noble endeavor.

Choose A Location With Access To Enrichment

The first thing you're going to want to do is select a location that offers a wealth of opportunities for your team. For example, offices in the Abbotsford area of Melbourne are removed from the congestion of the CBD while still being close to plenty of cafes, restaurants, and things to do. This allows staff to get out and about on their lunch breaks and helps them to recharge for the afternoon. It also means they've got easier access to activities with friends after work, so they'll be happier about coming to the office. Find a similar sweet spot in your city, and your team will thank you for it.

Consider Airflow

Adequate airflow is one of the best ways to keep your team healthy. When you improve airflow, you naturally cut down the amount of germs present in your working environment. This tends to lead to less sickness within your team, boosting productivity as well as health.

Add Greenery

Plants will further improve indoor air quality, and their mere presence has been shown to boost wellbeing. There's something about adding life to a space that makes it much more pleasant to be in, so be sure to bring some greenery into your office. Snake plants are great for adding oxygen to an indoor environment, and anything that flowers is always going to add an extra touch of beauty. 

Ensure That Lighting Is Healthy

You may not think the lighting in your office is particularly relevant to employee health and wellbeing, but it’s actually vital. Improperly lit spaces can cause eye strain, fluorescent lights can cause headaches and other issues due to their flickering nature, and an insufficient amount of lighting can even lead to depression. For these reasons, we suggest focusing on having as much natural light as possible within your office. You’ll also want to select artificial lighting carefully. 

Keep Small Things That Spark Joy Around

Sometimes all it takes to create a more positive office environment is a few little moments designed to boost morale. For example, corporate gifts can make great employee rewards, and a fruit bowl or free snack station can go a long way to improving employee wellbeing.

Add A Suggestion Box

Finally, employees who feel heard and valued will always express more positivity about their work. One of the simplest ways to ensure your employees have these positive feelings is to implement a suggestion box. Just note that for this to work, you must actually act on the feedback you receive. Your actions need to be within reason, of course, but even small changes or a simple acknowledgment can have a big impact.

Improving health and wellbeing in your office can have positive flow-on effects throughout your business. Not only can you enhance productivity, but you'll also reduce employee turnover (a vital factor in keeping costs down) and create a more cohesive team. Try implementing these tips in your office and see how things improve.