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Roost digital assistant platform launches

  • Written by Flourish PR

Roost, an always-on virtual concierge platform, empowers apartment residents to make their buildings smarter and connect with neighbours to buy, swap and sell 


The recent COVID-19 lockdown has demonstrated the need for better communication amongst neighbours in residential apartment buildings; keeping locals informed and able to access information, services and support anytime they need it.    


This was the driving force behind the recent launch of Roost, a resident powered platform that enables a virtual concierge for apartment buildings. The platform empowers apartment residents to turn on a virtual concierge for their building and connect with neighbours to buy, swap and sell goods and services easily. 


Thanks to Roost, residents can share rules, resident guides and maintenance information, contact their building team, and report and get help with issues – all at the click of a button. The platform is easy to navigate, meaning Roost can be quickly adopted by the elderly too. 


“Isolation and social distancing have thrown up all number of issues and challenges and many Owners’ Corporation managers have been really struggling to respond to resident service expectations during lockdown,” said Andrew Coates, co-founder of the platform.


“We know many Australians living in apartments expect better virtual services and would like a place to easily buy, swap and sell with neighbours in their building. Roost enables residents to make their buildings better and smarter themselves,” Mr Coates said.


“The platform helps apartment residents access useful information, services and people related to their building, anytime they need it. Residents and owners’ committees can activate their building’s virtual concierge at no cost through with just some basic information. It’s that simple!”


Amongst the new adopters of the neighbourly platform is Chris Cunliffe, the Owners Corporation manager of Montrose Place, Hawthorn. “The lockdown has really proven Roost’s value to our community,” he said. 


“Thanks to the platform, we can be sure our residents have the most up-to-date information and support they need at home, whether they’re in lockdown or not. From reporting problems to receiving building announcements – or simply checking in to see when the garage doors will be fixed. There are many ways we’ve been able to support one another through Roost,” Mr Cunliffe said.  


Residents interested in signing up their apartment block to the Roost service can find their building and simply upload some basic information via, and their building will be active in 1-2 business days. From there, other residents and neighbours can sign up to join the community to receive building updates and find or offer goods or services with other neighbours . 


What’s more, the always-on concierge function ensures there’s no ‘waiting until Monday’ to receive an update on building repairs or other urgent matters. There are 74,000 apartment buildings listed on the Roost platform. With so many services available at the click of a button, it’s easy to see the allure in having a virtual concierge and a better, smarter building.


For more information, visit



Roost is on a mission to make apartment buildings better and smarter. We work with residents and building teams to improve building service quality and information access. Each Roost building features a virtual concierge that can be activated for 24/7 resident self-service. Based in Melbourne, Roost aims to make it easy for apartment buildings to offer better, simpler digital services. For more information, visit