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5 Actionable Tips to Keep your Office Desk Clean

  • Written by News Feature Team

If you work in an office job, the chances are that you spend an average of eight hours a day at your desk. Well, that’s when you’re supposed to be most productive, but for many people, that’s not always the case. When thinking about areas we need to clean, it’s easy to overlook our office desks.

The feeling of a clean desk not only inspires but also translates to improved productivity and efficiency.

The office cleaning experts over at Evolve Cleaning have outlined a few tips below on how ot best keep your office desk clean.

  1. Declutter

Many of us have piles of stuff we don’t need on our desks. 3-month-old reports, plastic cups and containers from yesterday’s meals, and many other things we subconsciously hoard. We let things pile on our desk because it’s easier than putting them away. Allowing clutter to build up will only transform your desk into a haven for dust and grime, making it harder for you to clean. Analyse what you need, get rid of the excess baggage and organise what’s left on your desk. Also, pay close attention to the space under your desk as it’s often an easy place to hide clutter.

  1. Disinfect

Over time, your office desk is likely to harbor some nasty germs. If you will be touching items on your desk on a daily basis, you have to ensure they’re clean. Get a disinfecting wipe and give your phone, desktop, mouse and keyboard a good clean. You’ll also want to give every visible surface on your desk a good clean wipe down.

  1. Organise Your Desk

Keep your desktop clean by putting all your documents away in appropriate files, both physical and electronic. A great way to avoid piles of files is to organise your current projects by placing them in poly file folders or project jackets. If you cannot see your screensaver, there’s probably too much on your computer desktop and the same applies to your physical desk. The trick is to keep only the essentials in your space, any posters or pictures should help you stay motivated and focused on your work.

  1. Schedule Regular Cleaning Time

If you’ve not cleaned your desk in months, you’ll probably need plenty of time to clean it up. However, if you spare a few minutes each day to clean, your work will be a lot easier. Rather than wait until your desk is unbearable, schedule a designated time each day for cleaning your desk. One of the best times to clean your desk is just before you leave the office so that you’re set for the next day.

  1. Leverage Technology to Your Advantage

If you have items on your desk that are simply for reference, take a picture with your smartphone or use a scanner to turn it into a soft copy. Rather than leaving items to pile on your desk, you can keep your desk clean and also have an easier time referencing an item if you have a scan or picture of it.

Ultimately, a clean and organised office desk helps you get more done. Keep your work area clean and improve your productivity.