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EXYRA: Eye protection

  • Written by Business Daily

Microsoft and Apple know that looking at computer screens can affect your eyes and your mood. The proof lies in that fact that PCs, laptops, iPhones and the best smartphones have a night viewing option. Users can set the screen intensity or brilliance to shift from white light to a softer hue.

The option to change screen intensity was forced on manufacturers because it was clear that at night, computer users found that the intense glare from any screen affected their ability to fall asleep. At normal settings, screens simulate bright daylight and that is not a good thing at 11.00 pm !

The idea behind the screen brightness intensity change is that a viewer's brain can accept that it is still night if colours are a softer hue. When the viewer wants to relax or fall asleep, they can rapidly do so. When looking at a high intensity LED screen for a long time, a viewer will have trouble falling asleep. A similar human perception reality is night vision. Pilots and ship masters use low intensity red light at night as it has been found to not cause white light glare that affects rods and cones in their eyes resulting in poor night vision.

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