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MAKE IT WORK How to successfully implement your business strategy by Peter Mills

  • Written by Jackie Evans

You may have heard this before, “We had a great plan – it just wasn’t executed properly!” 


A study done by Harvard Business Review found that 40-60% of performance is lost from plan to action and in another report by McKinsey, 70% of change initiatives fail and a report by Kaplan & Norton found that as high as 90% of all strategies fail.


Author Peter Mills says he rarely sees companies that are aligned well and this is critical  to implement strategic objectives.


“Good strategic planning doesn’t end with strategy creation, it ends with implementation. Good strategy implementation is about effective leadership.  No matter how inspiring the vision, how fantastic the product, or how innovative the technology, it will come up against hurdles. Effective leadership goes beyond setting direction. It includes creating a working environment that both enables and supports strategy delivery. This book details how to create such an organisation,” says Mills.  


The focus of his new book, MAKE IT  WORK How to successfully implement your business strategy by Peter Mills (GOKO) is on strategy implementation, not strategy development.

To successfully implement a strategy, leaders must be able to:

  • Clearly define the strategy
  • Align the organization for success
  • Cascade and deploy the strategy to relevant employees
  • Monitor and assure implementation

Although there are many barriers to successful strategy implementation, these barriers can be overcome by using a planned, step-by-step approach. Competitive advantage is only gained when both planning and implementation are performed well.  MAKE IT WORK! How to successfully implement your business strategy, explains key concepts and tips for getting started.


It also shares the 12 common reasons why strategy implementation fails and asks you to think about the issues that may impact strategy implementation in your own organisation or business and works through steps on how to make it work.                                                                                                                                                           


About the author Peter Mills 

Peter has over three decades of experience in Human Resources management in a range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, investment, business equipment/IT, petroleum and utilities.

He has held senior roles in organisations such as Sydney Water, Canon, Warman International and Caltex. He was also a Board member for Water Aid Australia.

He has led hundreds of team members in their leadership journey and presented at numerous conferences on a range of people management topics

and his teams have excelled in many areas and won many awards.

Over the course of his career, Peter has gained significant leadership experience: 

  • As a human resources specialist 
  • As a member of the executive leadership team in both the private and public sector 
  • Working directly with his own team as a leader on setting goals, improving performance and achieving business outcomes 
  • As an adviser and coach to CEOs, managers and non-managers.