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Home Design App Planner 5D

  • Written by Jodi Myers
Apartment design idea from Planner 5D
Apartment design idea from Planner 5D

It’s easy to design a home these days without hiring an expensive home designer – there are home design apps that will help visualize how a room will look with that particular couch and a special lamp color. It also helps to know beforehand what your living room will feel like with a red wall and antique armchair you’ve been eyeing.


Recently, an app called Planner 5D - which not only helps with interior design, but can also customize every piece of furniture -  has emerged as the leader of mobile home styling apps.


Planner 5D founders simply wanted an easy tool for their own home design – as a result, their app currently counts more than 18 million people globally who have tried the tool, and over 100,000 who use it every day.


“We decided to create an app for ourselves to help with our home re-design, but then we realized that millions of people had the same need for an easy-to-use, customizable tool to create the home of their dreams,” says Alexey Sheremetyev, one of the founders.  “As the app entered the marketplace, we adjusted it to the ever-changing desires of our clientele, offering intuitive design and even a virtual reality option. People who have been using home design apps are now more sophisticated in the art of interior design, and demand customizable features.”

Planner 5D - which also offers a VR tool - gives its users the possibility to choose texture, color and size of all the pieces of furniture used in the design. It also analyzes the projects of millions of people, and offers creative ideas for turning one’s apartment or house into an original, tasteful home.


One of the main app features allows users to make realistic snapshots of their designs. These can be shared with other users, displayed in the Public Gallery of Planner 5D with an ability to vote on them, shared on social media or used for any other purposes.


The app founders even decided to help the users of another popular home design app – Homestyler - which will be discontinued on April 30. Homestyler users will be able to import their projects to Planner 5D interface until April 30th by simply logging into Planner 5D, going to Projects > Import, and pasting a link to their Homestyler project. At this point, users can only import the walls, windows, and doors of their projects, but soon they’ll be able to import furniture as well. Homestyler users also get a special promo code – WELCOME – that will allow them to use the entire catalogue free of charge for 30 days.


To find out more about Planner 5D, please visit the company’s website.




Originally a startup company founded by Alexey Sheremetyev and Sergey Nosyrev, Planner 5D has a community of over 18 million users with more than 100,000 users daily. It’s a free cross-platform application which supports in-app purchases. It can be used on a browser, Android and iOS. The app offers customization of furniture with the ability to change textures, colors and size, a VR tool and creative suggestions for home design. For press inquiries, contact: