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Benefits of wearing name badges in the office

  • Written by News Company

All the multinationals have badges of either their name or company’s name on it.

Name badges are not only a means of identification in retail stores offering products or services but are also beneficial in formal offices. They provide identification for a customer along with the designation, which makes it easier for employees from different departments or customers to interact with the employees and adds a sense of professionalism. Retail businesses commonly use nametags to identify their employees and to add authenticity for the customer to interact with the representative. A badge also adds uniformity to the outlook of the employees and boosts the company whole outlook.

Marketing Boost:

Badges help in marketing and boosting the brand’s name. A logo alongside a name with a pleasing theme cannot only leave the customer with a good impression but can also help the company leave an impact on the customer with their logo. It also adds a sense of responsibility for the employee, as they will be well aware that they are representing the company whilst carrying the logo.


If your employee wears the nametag of your company in public, it shows that they own the brand. When people in public see the brand, they will form a sense of identification. When they head towards the stores, their photographic memory will help incline them to your particular company


Name badges can act as a source of security. They help employees better identify each other and make the entire experience of getting to know and trust someone who is new to the company an easy task for anyone who is a part of it. Name badges are taken very seriously by companies and are valuable for the employees. In case of losses, these can be hard to replace and can be a very long process.

This also leads us on to the fact that they form a sense of uniformity. This improves an employee’s faith. Much like a uniform as worn by a school going student; it helps to have a sense of belonging and identity and makes employees work hard as they are given recognition. This also ranks in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Every employee has self-esteem needs, and this fulfils those to an extent.

Essential for service business:

Name badges are essential for service businesses. For example, in a restaurant where you need to identify servers, janitors and chefs from the regular customers’ badges can be easily used to tell the difference even if your policy does not follow a uniform for your workers. This is especially relatable to themed restaurants where both servers and customers are expected to follow a certain dress code. Even in events that are organized by catering services, this is applicable. Other service businesses like banks and supermarkets can also use name badges for their employee-customer differentiation.

Identification of new employees:

Designing the logo is an important part of name tags, and a good design with the employee’s name and the company’s logo standing out not only makes it easier for fellow workers and everyone surrounding the employee to identify them abruptly and have them stand out of the crowd. New employees can be identified faster and can make the process of learning names and recognizing other staff members easier. These employees feel a certain connection to the company with their name branded on grand badges next to the logo. When employees go out of their workplace to get lunch or on the commute to their place of accommodation, they may be wearing the badge and good design can help in marketing through employees. It can be a conversation starter for certain employees, and regardless of the conversation, a good, attractive and minimalistic design would leave the customers wanting to search up and explore the brand further leading to good marketing. You can motivate your employees by having different designs or colors for different employees at different hierarchy levels. For example, have a bronze name badge for your workers in the manufacturing or a lower department, then silver for their supervisors and then gold for the managers etc. This may motivate your employees to work hard to get a promotion so they may get a hold of the better tags. This will result in better productivity by the employee. An employee’s job is an important part of their daily lives and often leads the people around them to contact them and talk to them about it. From within the office to outside it, badges can make for conversation starters for the employees and colleagues. They can help people across portfolios or departments identify the person according to their designation and can be a great source of reminder for the names of people you do not meet on a regular basis. Addressing someone by his or her names when they do not expect you to is a confidence booster for many people and leaves a good impression of you on the recipient.

Customer relation:

These can boost customer relations as they give off a great impression and can help create a sense of trust between the representatives. The business seems friendlier and generally, more approachable if every employee has badges that act as an invitation towards a conversation. If your customer can put a name to your employee, they will automatically feel more at ease talking to them. It just adds an impersonally personal effect into your transactions. A badge generally enhances your accountability, communication, identity and boosts your social life with and for everyone around you. They allow for better customer relationships and help boost the self-esteem needs of the employees.

Final Thoughts

Badges can help a company in so many ways, as mentioned above. All the companies should make sure that their employees wear the name badges, and in order to do it, they should make sure that all the badges should have an appealing aesthetics. So if your employees are not wearing their name badges, find out the reason and try to fix it because it can harm your business and work environment a lot.