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Customer service is the support that you offer your customers before, during and after they buy or use your products or services. A high level of customer service is vital if you want to maintain your existing customer base and grow your business and revenue.

Today, customer service goes far beyond traditional telephone or mail support. It takes place in a mode of live dialogue on the Internet - through various widgets, instant messengers, social networks, the callback function, etc.

Callback widget for the site:

The callback CTA (Call to Action) widget on your website or social media post has the following benefits:

  • Increase your site conversion by 30%.

  • Save on tariffs.

  • Customization of the widget for your site enables all devices users to visit your website.

  • Bring more traffic, ultimately increases revenue and sales.

  • Use flexible display settings in the widget.

  • Build call reports attract customers.

  • Customer service is more than just answers to questions; it is an integral part of a value proposition.

Why customer service is essential for business?

Customer service is critical to effective competition. Therefore, network-based customer service attracts the audience since they do not need to make a call. However, they feel it more comfortable to type the inquiry or request callback rather than making a call - old traditional means.

In the past times, people used to choose which kind of companies to work with based on rates or product features. But nowadays, the decisive factor is the entire experience of interaction, including communication with representatives of the brand.

According to a survey, 89% of companies currently expect to compete primarily in customer service. This fact signifies the importance of network-based customer service.

Excellent customer service, chatting or calling, ensures the integrity and high quality of customer experience, especially when your team goes beyond the usual response to problems. Here thrives the need for network-based cloud call center solutions and CTAs.

However, after you notice the users have taken steps and tried to contact you, or drop some inquiries, the support team or other employees involved in customer service can:

  • Anticipate the needs of their customers

  • Propose a solution that allows them to simplify cross-selling and up-selling

Therefore, they get the advantage that sets the company apart from its competitors. The credit also goes to the network system that is likely to have generated 50X more leads and 200% more ROI.

Your revenue depends on customer service:

It is a universal fact that keeping existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones. By some estimates, acquiring customers is 6-7 times more expensive. And it is true: poor service is a key factor in customer churn. Therefore, when new customers find network-based customer service, they are more likely to retain with your company.

Up to two-thirds of customers leave because they are unhappy with the service and traditional ways to operations. Do not let this happen and install the network-based widgets into your operating mechanisms. Prioritization of customer service helps to attract and retain regular customers; this strategy has a significant impact on the revenue of your company.

Customer service can build or break your reputation:

Users always expect to get what they want since they are used to it. Their expectations have increased accordingly.

In one of the surveys on the topic of customer service, 82% of executives said that the expectations of their corporate clients became somewhat or much higher than they were three years ago. Moreover, customers quickly share negative experiences on the Internet these days, where they can quickly reach a large audience resulting in a bad reputation of the company. Therefore, keeping your system updated has become an essential and basic need for every business. Now it is more important than ever to provide high-quality customer service within each communication channel.

How to improve customer service?

Work as a team:

Customer service is a combination of team cooperation and efforts rather than just an individual in the department.

Even though it is impossible to keep track of everything, most likely, you will never have a complete picture of every problem in the support center. In any case, keep an eye on the big picture and maintaining continuous communication with the team.

Train each employee, directly or indirectly related to customer service and customer communication technology in-depth. This practice includes both working with appropriate software and a communication methodology. Of course, one always wants to pass on highly specialized tasks to experts, but each team should be able to help and contribute.

Technicalities in network-based customer service:

You must be wondering what technicalities do these services include, do not be afraid. As a non-technical person, all you need to understand the model of network-based customer service. This is how you will be able to explain to the developer what system you want to implement in your business.

However, most common techniques include widget (as discussed above), live chat option on your website, inquiry/contact form, FAQs, order placement form, callback form, etc. Ask your developer to implement these features on your website.

Personalized and friendly services:

Robots are cool, but people rarely choose them as an interlocutor, knowing that their answers are narrow and limited. Do not be afraid to add personality to your service and encourage employees to use this technique in online communications. For example, in order to pass the waiting time while downloading data on the bank’s client’s card, it is quite acceptable for an employee to say a few phrases about the cashback policy using a particular card. Use every opportunity to look humane and friendly.


The network-based customer services in any way can increase the revenue of the company. Some of the ways it helps to grow the business include attractive CTAs, contact and order placement forms, and live chat options. Moreover, this strategy also retains your previous clients since they know your company keeps on growing by adopting new technologies. Put yourself in the shoes of the client, especially in a difficult situation. He will appreciate it, and your empathy will become a competitive advantage.

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