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Aerated Treatment Systems: The Best Alternative for Septic Systems

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In rural areas with houses that are spaced widely apart, residents use onsite water treatment systems like aerated treatment systems or septic systems.

However, environmental researchers find the aerated (or aerobic) treatment system as the most environmentally friendly household treatment plant for wastewater.


Difference between sewers and onsite treatment

As mentioned above, rural areas use onsite water treatment. The reason behind this is that onsite water treatment is cost-effective for rural areas. How and why?

In rural areas, houses are located far from each other. It is costly to install sewers to serve only a few residential homes. 

Unlike in residential areas like suburbs, houses are near to each other, which makes it is easy for the city government to install sewers to collect wastewater from every household.  

The sewers will bring the wastewater to a nearby local wastewater treatment plant.


Aerated vs Septic Systems

Both the aerated and septic systems can be used as home sewage treatment plants (HSTP). However, these two differ in the way they treat wastewater.

The septic system is anaerobic. This system treats water by letting natural biological activity to decompose waste and gravity to let heavy and nonbiodegradable settle at the bottom. Visit us at Everhard

A septic system is inexpensive, and it has little maintenance costs. But, septic systems are failing as applications for household treatment systems.

Septic systems fail because of the following reasons:

  • The septic tank overloads water beyond its capacity.
  • Overloading of the septic tank can lead to surface leakage as evidenced by water leakage with a stinking smell.
  • Clogged pipes
  • Sewage goes back to the house

With these problems, many residences find aerated treatment systems to be more environmentally friendly than septic systems.

In an aerated system, the treatment process uses oxygen to act as a catalyst for treating wastewater. Oxygen can help bacteria to reproduce faster in order to decompose waste particles in the water.

These waste particles act as the bacterium’s food source. However, not all of these particles can be decomposed. As a result, these particles will settle at the bottom as sludge.

Aerated system process

To understand how aerated water treatment works, let’s compare it to a fish tank.

In a fish tank, you need to have an aerator. The aerator will deliver oxygen to the water so that the fishes can breathe.

In an aerated water treatment system, the process is the same. The oxygen from the aerator will help bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive. In return, they will eat way decomposable waste.

Other solid waste like plastic or metal will settle at the bottom. As a result, the water near the surface is cleaner and suitable for soil absorption.

That’s the reason why aerated systems are better than septic systems as an HSTP. An aerated system yields cleaner water that is beneficial for nearby plantations and less dirty for bodies of water.

Shift to aerated treatment systems and save precious water. Let Everhard Industries help you transfer to a more environmentally friendly onsite water treatment. Visit their site now at for more information.



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Aerated Treatment Systems: The Best Alternative for Septic Systems

In rural areas with houses that are spaced widely apart, residents use onsite water treatment systems like aerated...

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