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How To Choose Leather Watch Brands

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Every accessory has its value and beauty to add on to the user using it. A watch, the most common accessory, is no exception to it. But, the integral part of the watch is the strap. A strap reflects a lot more than just lying merely on the hand. Thus, having a broad and varied strap collection can enhance the number of combos available to an individual. Above all, purchasing straps is very much cheaper than purchasing a new watch. Everyone has an eye on the luxurious black leather apple watch band. Hence, strap collection is a splendid thing at a very affordable budget. But, one has to choose the right straps suiting one. Here are the top leather watch brands in Australia.

NATO Strap

Though developed in the 1970s, exclusively for the British Army soldiers in the 1970s, the NATO strap had its launch in the market in the name "G10",relating to requisition. It grew swiftly popular throughout the entire military, and the common masses, too, were attracted gradually due to its numerous unique features and abilities. The construction of the strap with a single piece is a marvelous idea and the unique feature of the NATO strap. Yet other feathers on the cap of NATO are that switching between these straps just takes a few seconds as these use spring bars and are highly comfortable to wear. Above all, the assurance that the watch holds on in the wrist even if one of the springs, snap, and its budget are all additional cream on the cake. Thus, NATO is an excellent choice for all circumstances.


Zulu straps were originally inspired by the NATO straps, but there are few subtle differences between both. Zulu straps have more volume, higher rounded hardware to accustom the increased girth while NATO straps have squared-off buckles and rings in a greatly reduced volume. But, in all ways, the comfort offered by both the watches are different depending on needs. Yet, the aesthetic beauty remains untouched and is not impacted. Zulu straps also last longer than NATO straps in general. Hence, NATO and NATO inspired Zulu is a tremendous and proper companion to watch.


Old school racing gloves' essence is the inspiration for Rally straps. The straps acquired a visual design where it can be identified by three or more large perforations found below the lugs. Automotive racing is basically a test for speed, and the weight directly impacts the maximum velocity that can be achieved, like the many early race cars that were skillfully crafted with their parts having holes drilled in them. The decreased weight offered benefits and aesthetic purpose, driving gloves (as well as the rally straps) were later perforated, too. Perforations provide ventilation as well as breathability, and thus the Rally straps are an inevitable choice for summer wear. Also, these straps are an excellent pair for a vintage chronograph, since they were often used to time races.


Launched in the 1930s, the Oyster bracelet is a classic miracle in every essence of it. Thick and long three-piece linked design is one of the most famous watch brands, one of the greatest bracelet models available. Premiering every Rolex model to date, the very reason has obtained a great fan following as a result. The awe-inspiring history is a significant reason for its popularity. Meanwhile, it's extraordinarily high functionality attracted a large number of users. The middle full bar gives immense strength to each link offering more durability by rendering less stretchability. Also, the strap looks great on all watches from small to big. It is thus, a favorite option for all events and all watches.


Featured by three narrow, polished links flanked on sides by matte finish links, The Jubilee bracelet was launched in 1945 for the fortieth anniversary of Rolex. When worn along with a watch, the Jubilee strap gets attention to the middle of the watch face, reducing the footprint on the wrist. The two-tone variations express this effect, mainly when the watch case differs from the colour of central links. Above all, the Jubilee bracelet, (mono- or duo-tone) is a breathtaking choice for all watches alike - both large and small watches, since it brings out the best and exclusive qualities in all watches.


The Engineer strap has a significant wrist presence and thus suits greatly for all the hefty dive watches through its proportionally sized links. The links cut in a pseudo-hexagonal pattern, make them angular to match a few other bracelets. It works perfectly for wrists of all sizes, and its incredible durability is yet another add - on for being highly sought after. Thus, Engineer straps are an excellent choice for the beater watch. Therefore, the watches can be the appealing heart of all large watches worn.

Closing remarks

Watches are always fascinating, and right straps can be the perfect match for dresses. An apple watch leather buckle can be a fantastic addition to one’s style quotient.