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How To Save Your Outdoor Drains From Clogging

  • Written by News Co

Do you have a bad smell in your home? Or is it sink taking forever to drain? These elements are a sign of a clogging outdoor drain. A blocked drain can be a disaster in your household. If the clogged part is within your territory, you have the mandate to unblock it. When the part is outside, it is the role of the authority or property owner to take up the task.

An outdoor drain blockage should not be a cause for alarm. It is one of the do it yourself plumbing issues you can resolve without needing plumber assistance. Though it can be challenging, all you need is to have the right tools. However, it is possible to prevent blockage on your outdoor drains. Here is how:

Keep your outdoor clean and tidy

The drains are part of your outdoor elements. They share the same environment with flowers, leaves, and other debris. Sometimes, these elements will find their way into the drains. But since the outdoor drain is not for handling such elements, the result would be a clogging problem.

You can avoid such instances in your home. The only way to do this is by keeping your outdoor clean and tidy. Ensure no leaves or debris get near your drain systems. Always have a way of handling the falling leaves and flowers. This way, you will avoid outdoor debris-related drain clogging.

Be mindful of what you let through your toilet and sink

Many people are not mindful of what they let in their sinks and toilets. Some treat toilets like pit latrines and will through any solid waste as long as it is flushable. You will find ladies flushing baby diapers down the drain.

While you pay little attention to your actions, these wastes end up blocking your outdoor drains. You will then start having a nasty smell in your home. So, you can prevent such happens by considering what you let to the outdoor drain through your toilets and sink.

Install outdoor drain covers

While you might be careful about what goes to the drain and keep your outdoor clean, some debris will find its way to the outdoor drain. Wind will blow leaves which will end to the naked drains.

If you do not want to suffer clogging, you need to ensure that all outdoor drain opens have covers. Get outdoor drain grates for each opening in the system. These covers will trap and stop debris from getting into the drains and save you from clogging problems.

Manage the stormwater properly

Stormwater is another factor that will result in your outdoor drain clogging. As you know, this water carries soil and other solid waste they find on their way. If they find a way to the drain system, it will deposit all these materials there.

The next thing will be a blockage on your system. So, you need to have good stormwater management to ensure it does not get to the outdoor drain. This way, your home will be free from outdoor drain clogging problems.