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4 Amazing Tricks To Capturing Awesome Birthday Photos

  • Written by News Co

Birthdays are among the special days in everyone’s life. The day comes with a package of fun. From blowing the candles, cutting the cake, to happy birthday songs from peers and family, the experience is awesome. Everyone can recall the moment. Some people get emotional to a point of sending tears while opening their gifts.

Unfortunately, human memory is short. You cannot recall every moment at your birthday party. But with a simple trigger, you can rekindle your memory and bring back a taste of the day. Photos are the best items for performing this task. You will always re-experience your awesome birthdays when you peruse your photo album.

For this reason, you need to have excellent photography skills to capture every moment of the day. Here are some tricks to realizing this goal:

Have a good shooting plan

Planning is the key to any project’s success. Whether it is a wedding or birthday photography, having a good schedule and organization will make your work perfect. Develop a plan of the areas and events to capture. Determine the number of cameras you will need and their positioning.

With a good plan, it will be easy for you to assess your success after the session. Also, you will have a checklist to rely on during the party. The plan will enable you to know when to shoot or relax.

Consider outdoor scenery

Many people perform their birthday parties indoors. But outdoor scenery would be a nice space for photography. If you get the contract to shoot photos on the client’s birthday, you can consider advising them to have it in an outdoor space. The scenery allows you to have different focal points and poses.

Also, it will enable you to pay attention to the colours of the cake and environment. These elements will contribute to the success of your work and make the birthday photos awesome.

Capture focal moments

A birthday party is about creating living memories and moments are the seeds that make them. A photo of a particular moment will refresh the memories of the entire party. When you are shooting the photos, consider the focal moments.

Shoot when the birthday party boys or girls are blowing the candles. Capture an image when they are cutting the cake. Also, do not miss the birthday songs and interaction with friends and family. This way, the images will carry a life-long narrative.

Shoot funny poses

Surprises are the haven of fun. You will always love an image featuring the odd poses in a particular event. The photo will trigger the brain and you will re-experience the moment. As a photographer, your focus should be to bring a surprise. You can do this by spotting some funny poses and capturing the person unaware. With this trick, everybody will love your work.

Wrapping up

In a word, the secret to awesome birthday photos is good planning. Organize your shooting plan effectively. Know what to capture and when to relax. Also, avoid making it so formal by capturing odd poses. The goal should be making your images memory triggers.