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How to Promote Your Business Online: 5 Easy Tips

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Today, any business must be on the Internet, and it doesn't matter if it's a modern real money online casino Canada or a small grocery store. And if you want to get more profit and make your company successful, these tips will help. 

Testing Promotion Channels That Work Without Third-Party Cookies 

In January 2021, Google announced its intention to discontinue the use of third-party cookies in the Chrome browser in 2022. As an alternative, the company offered its own Privacy Sandbox tool, which allows advertisers to run targeting without access to users' personal data. This way, the company will dominate digital advertising for Western companies. 

Optimizing Websites for Google's Update

With the release of the Google Page Experience Update in May 2021, the new Core Web Vitals tool will measure site load time, interactivity and content stability, which will affect overall search rankings. 

Anything that might irritate a user - slow loading times, an awkward or non-adaptive mobile-friendly site layout - can negatively impact Core Web Vitals scores and lead to lower rankings in search results. Brands that haven't engaged in UX/UI optimization of their sites before should start doing so soon.

Mobile Marketing and Community Development

In a volatile economy, most brands, especially niche retailers, will focus on retaining existing customers, which makes economic sense since they've already done part of the customer journey.

In January 2021, Datareportal recorded 5.22 billion unique mobile users, representing 66.6% of the world's population. In fact, the number of social media users has increased by more than 13% in the last 12 months. Undoubtedly, social distancing has played a role in this growth.

So, B2C brands are emphasizing customer retention through mobile marketing in addition to loyalty rewards programs, SMS mailings and emails, as this mode of communication is a direct link between the brand and the customer without involving third parties.

Creating communities is also an effective consumer retention tool. For example, Starbucks has taken full advantage of user-generated content to build community by reposting the most popular customer contest photos on their corporate social profiles. 


Social Media Sales

Another emerging trend with potentially far-reaching implications is social commerce. In 2020, Facebook launched stores for Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to shop directly on the platforms.

Although the full-fledged app is still only in the USA, the trend indicates that in 2021 there is a greater focus on social media sales and the emergence of new shopping platforms that will shorten the customer journey from search to conversion. Selling through social media gives marketers a whole new opportunity to present their products to potential customers, reducing the friction from product to purchase.

Filming Videos and Live Streaming

Video content continues to be popular in 2021. The social networking app TikTok, for example, was downloaded 62 million times in January 2021 alone. At the same time, the total number of downloads worldwide exceeded 2.6 billion. Following TikTok, Instagram Reels, Twitter Fleets were launched in 2020, which, like TikTok, allow marketers to "weave" brand content into users' channels in a more natural way.

A continuation of this video trend is live streaming, which will also remain popular. A large number of brands during the pandemic began interacting with consumers in real time via Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Youtube Live apps. This is an inexpensive option to stay in touch with consumers, helping to maintain engagement and build trust.