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Why You Should Buy a Pet from a Responsible Breeder

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Anyone can put an animal up for sale, but doing so doesn’t exactly make them an ethical pet breeder. Pet breeding is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of an individual’s time, love, and money. If a breeder does not put enough effort into caring for their animal or showing much concern for its welfare, a potential buyer is likely to bring home a pet with behavioural problems. As a future pet parent, that is the last thing you want. In this article, we will explain why it’s important to only get puppies from RPBA registered Australian dog breeders.

Responsible Pet Breeders Can Match You Up with the Best Pet

Choosing a pet to adopt is easy - finding the best one is what isn’t. One mistake many potential pet parents often make is selecting a pet and sticking with their decision. Little do they know that there is more to buying a pet than meets the eye. Here is when an ethical breeder can be very helpful - because they know their breed well, which means that they can match you up with the one that best suits your family’s lifestyle.

Because all pets are different, potential owners can’t guess if their animal of choice will grow up to be how they expect it to. A responsible breeder will be able to educate their client about their desired pet’s temperament, health, nutrition, training, and anything else they need to know. A good breeder will also be able to answer any questions about their animal.

Responsible Pet Breeders Make It Their Duty to Produce the Healthiest Animals Possible

Ethical breeders spend lots of time and energy making sure that their animal gets the best start in life so that it lives long and happily. To achieve this, they screen their pet, as well as its parents, for health issues. They also make sure that their animal is up-to-date with its vaccinations and other medical needs. Should there be a high chance of their pet developing a genetic disease common to its breed, they will make it their obligation to let their buyer know beforehand.

Aside from these, reputable pet breeders offer health guarantees. Often, the agreement will allow new animal owners to receive a refund or replacement should their pet develop any genetically linked disorder within a specific period. A health guarantee may also require the breeder to contribute a certain amount of money should treatment be needed to address the pet’s health issue.

Responsible Pet Breeders are Reliable and Credible

One of the biggest benefits of adopting an animal from an ethical breeder is knowing what your pet will likely be as an adult. Based on the animal’s parents alone, your breeder can tell you about your desired pet’s future appearance and temperament. Also, you will get to meet the parents and siblings, and be able to assess them individually. Furthermore, you will get to see where your pet of choice is bred and grown.

In most cases, an ethical breeder will not sell their animal until it is old enough to adjust well to a new environment. When the right time comes, they will not only surrender their animal to your care but also give you a checklist of things to remember. This may include medical schedules, feeding requirements, grooming needs, exercise dos and don’ts, and training guidelines.

Responsible Pet Breeders Will Always be Around to Help You

A big difference between an unethical breeder and a responsible one is how they care for their animal long after it has left their home. A good breeder will make sure to find the best home for their animal and keep track of its whereabouts once it has found a new family. They will stay in touch with you and make time to give you advice when you need it.

Even long after their animal is gone, a good breeder will continue to feel responsible for it. The last thing any pet breeder wants is for their animal to end up in a shelter or on the streets. You can expect your breeder to take their animal back for any reason throughout their animal’s lifetime regardless of your reason for returning it. You can rest assured that a responsible breeder will be more than glad to help you take your pet back should you need to rehome it due to reasons like job loss, health issues, divorce, or death.

The Bottom Line

Many Australians prefer rescuing a pet from a shelter over adopting one from a breeder because there are so many unethical breeders out there. However, this doesn’t mean scammers are dominating the industry. There remains a huge number of responsible and registered breeders who will go to great lengths to help you find the best pet for your family and home.