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The top 2022 marketing trends you need to know

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The marketing world doesn’t stop for any pandemic. In fact, the recent pandemic only paved the way for digital transformation as people had to adapt to hybrid and virtual working strategies. After all, when it comes to marketing, the only thing a person can be sure about is that changes will continue to happen. So if you want to experience success in the marketing field this year, you must stay at the top of your game by learning about the latest marketing trends.

These trends will not only make you aware of the recent changes in the market but also help you realize how you can take advantage of the market and stay ahead of the competition. With that said, let us discuss some top marketing trends that you can expect in 2022.

1. Visual Advertisement

Advertisements are a way of communicating a message to sell a service or an idea. Advertisements have always incorporated some elements of visual representation. However, the main focus of visual advertisement in 2022 is on color psychology.

Color psychology is how each color impacts our perception and emotions of anything. For example, red often elicits passionate emotions such as energy, excitement, love, etc., and sometimes negative emotions such as anger, pain, danger, etc. On the other hand, the green color is often associated with positive things such as freshness, health, prosperity, etc.

The main focus of advertising techniques that use aspects of color psychology is to create a website design with colors and visuals that can elicit favorable responses. You can use colors to convey your message, incite some emotion, or bring something to focus on. These aspects of advertisement play with the mind's natural responses, which is just the extra push a person needs to perform some action.

2. Machine learning

Many companies are already using this new technology to shape their marketing strategy. For example, The New York Times uses machine learning to help track emotions, which helps advertisers target their consumers more specifically. The main reasoning behind this method is that advertisers realize that consumers want to make some changes in their lives. Therefore, machine learning is used to track and learn these emotions and motives through "motivation targeting."

This technique is essentially a study and analysis of what motivates the consumers to take some action. For example, if a person reads an article about how they can cook healthy meals, they will be naturally interested in products and services that aid the same goal.

Hence, the machine learning process allows users to accurately picture what a piece of multimedia conveys and what it says about the consumer. Then, it helps in identifying different patterns in the target audience's behavior, which then helps shape marketing strategies.

3. Diversity in the advertisement

Diversity isn't a fad that will go away over time. It has become the focal point for many marketing strategies in 2022. The reasoning behind it is to make the consumers feel represented and targeted. But the trickiest part is to utilize diversity advertising in a substantial and meaningful way. This is because it can quickly go from something that holds meaning and a message of representation to a tone-deaf advertisement that seems phony. Hence, advertisers have to carefully walk the thread to make something meaningful because one small mistake can quickly backfire.

Remember that diversity includes representation of different genders, races, ethnicities, etc., but it is not limited to those factors only. In fact, diversity also includes embracing a different point of view that has been marginalized for a long time. Therefore, advertisers must consider their consumers as ethnically and racially diverse and make marketing strategies accordingly.

4. Directness beats cleverness

While being clever in ads sounds like the perfect way to go about an advertisement, consumers want the opposite. The reason is that the pandemic and the overdose of screen time have put consumers off advertisements. The sheer amount of visual material presented to them day after day has resulted in any cleverness losing its touch. Therefore, it is better to be more direct than incite any frustration from the consumer by being indirect or clever.

Your focus should be on creating advertisements that convey qualities such as knowledge, convenience, efficiency, and friendliness. Your message should be reliable and solid, meaning it should leave no room for uncertainty.

5. Better techniques for brand integration in content

Now that many streaming platforms have launched premium versions that happen to be completely ad-free, it is easier for the consumer to skip advertisements completely. The solution to this problem is brand integration in video content.

If done right, brand integration in video content can be surprisingly effective in changing consumer behavior in their favor. But too much brand integration can tune out the audience and make the technique useless. Therefore, the advertisers must understand the overall picture and find ways to associate an emotion with brand integration. For example, brand sponsorship of a beverage in the movie, if cleverly done, can make the brand look cool. This association will increase its market demand. So the key point in this aspect is to create harmony between the brand and the show or video it is featuring.

6. Marketing automation

Like the automation of several other business processes, marketing automation can be highly beneficial for organizations. Marketing automation is crucial for large corporations because they need to generate and organize contacts and leads. On the other hand, small-medium enterprises can benefit from marketing automation as it helps in maximizing the value of their marketing techniques. For example, one of the earliest marketing techniques that employ marketing automation is automatically generated welcome emails. As welcome emails leave a lasting impression on subscribers, and anyone who signs up, setting up an engaging and automated email system can improve customer experience.

Depending on your marketing strategy and your company's need, you may only require an automation tool that can assist in social media or email marketing. But getting an all-in-one tool that can manage several different aspects of marketing can make the process more efficient and promise better outputs. For example, automated reminders, scheduled posts, and feedback emails are all crucial tools in marketing.


Now that the world is returning to normal make your marketing strategy for the company next time, keeping these trends in mind to achieve the best possible outcomes. Moreover, focus on increasing the customer value by making the advertisements more customer-centric. This will help attract more consumers and generate more leads for the company. But before you create any strategy by utilizing any of these methods, make sure that the outcomes and values of these methods are in accordance with your company's values.