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Preparing the Perfect Floral Arrangement for Your Anniversary

It’s a reminder of why you are together, how the relationship has withstood the test of time, and more importantly, how much you love each other. There’s no better way to let your significant other know how much you cherish them than a loving gesture of flowers and candy. Here are some tips on choosing the right floral gifts for your anniversary celebration.

Things to Consider When Choosing Flowers for Your Anniversary

Flowers, surely, are simple go-to gift options for romantic occasions. But, when picking out flowers for a special occasion like your wedding anniversary, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Here are some of them that would help you ensure that you are making the right choices at the florist, with expert opinions from Thanks a Bunch Florist:

  1. Pick a kind specific to the anniversary year you are celebrating

Traditionally, a few kinds of flowers are generally chosen for milestone anniversary celebrations. For instance:

  • 1st anniversary: Carnations

  • 5th anniversary: Daisies

  • 10th anniversary: Daffodils

  • 25th anniversary: Iris

  • 50th anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets

You can find popular choices for other anniversary years on the internet or take your florist’s advice on that matter.

  1. Consider the symbolism

While it’s easy to stick to the kind of flowers that are generally gifted during milestone occasions, nothing is stopping you from exploring your options. Flowers can be hugely impactful in denoting meanings and emotions that words can’t. Here are some popular species of anniversary flowers to add to your floral arrangements along with what they symbolize:

  • Daisies- New beginnings, purity, innocence

  • Roses- Romantic love, beauty, sensuality

  • Daffodils- Rebirth, new beginnings

  • Tulips- Perfect and deep love

  • Lillies- Purity, renewal

  1. Consider your partner’s preferences

An anniversary bouquet could look all the more special if you put in a little effort to take your partner’s preferences into account. Picking florals that resonate with their taste makes your floral gestures infinitely meaningful. Some couples might have a flower or a species that they are particularly inclined to. You can never go wrong drawing inspiration from your preferences for your gift bouquets.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pick colors they like

  • Consider allergies if any

  • Pay attention to fragrances they generally prefer

  • Add a touch of nostalgia from a flower you’ve already gifted before

  1. Prioritize seasonal flowers

Seasonal blooms look generally brighter, fresher, and more vibrant. They are also cheaper because they are abundantly available. If the kind of flowers that you prefer are out of season, you can always opt for other options like dried or everlasting flowers, which are equally viable.

  1. Get creative with the arrangements you need

There’s no written rule that anniversary flowers should essentially come in bouquets. There are plenty of different styles you could choose to present your loving floral gesture. Consider the following ideas if you don’t want to go the traditional route:

  • Exotic bouquet designs including hand-tied bouquets

  • Flower vases and baskets

  • Personalized cards with floral elements

  • Floral decorations

Anniversary Gifts to Make Your Floral Gifts a Touch Better

There are enough floral species out there to communicate your feelings aptly to the person you love. However, flowers can also make an excellent addition to a memorable gift that your partner would cherish for a lifetime. Consider the following gift ideas to make your anniversary floral gifts mean a little bit more:

  • 1st anniversary - Paper is the thematic material for the presents for the first anniversary. The symbolic color for the first anniversary is yellow/ gold.

  • 5th anniversary- Silverware or wood-themed gifts are perfect for the 5th milestone anniversaries.

  • 10th anniversary- Traditionally, tin and aluminum-based gifts were predominantly gifted on the 10th anniversary. However, diamond jewelry is considered the modern-day equivalent.

  • 20th anniversary- For the 20th anniversary platinum or chinaware with a touch of white or emerald-green colour is generally considered a tradition.

  • 25th anniversary- Silver is the traditional material used for 25th anniversary gifts.

  • 50th anniversary- 50 years is a long time, but not long enough for a couple smitten with love. Gold is generally gifted on the 50th anniversary.

As time passes and two people get to know each other better, the relationship between them is bound to go through a lot of changes. Over the centuries, the gifts that are chosen to be presented to a loved one have vastly evolved. Throughout this time, what has been constant is the unmistakable sentiment of a floral gift.

We hope that the gift ideas that we provided in this article, make your special occasion all the more memorable for you and your loved one. Happy anniversary in advance!