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Dream Team Dynamics: 5 Strategies to Build a Cohesive and Collaborative Team

A team that works well together tends to be more productive and creative, with the high morale leading to more innovation within your business. If you want to create unstoppable dream team dynamics in your organisation, here are five strategies that will help you build a cohesive and collaborative team: 

1. Get Professional Help

There are so many resources out there, ready and waiting to help small business owners perfect their team dynamics. So, if your management team has low levels of experience in boosting teamwork, or if their efforts have so far have failed, it might be time to outsource.

Consider using an experienced company with a known reputation for offering high quality collaboration skills training sessions. It’s not only an investment in better team dynamics, but an investment in the productivity, morale, innovation, motivation, and cohesion of your workforce. 


Utilise SMART goals to empower and transform your team. SMART stands for: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. You can apply these goals to help your team work more cohesively on any project, big or small. You can also work with your team, encouraging them to utilise SMART goals individually. Make it a habit, and each employee will become more confident, organised, driven, and focused, making them a better overall team player. 

3. Support The Wellbeing Of Your Team Members

Statistics show that employees are 13% more productive when they are happy. Happy workers are also better team players. This is because content employees care about the projects they get to work on, the colleagues they get to work with, and the company that supports them to succeed.

By finding out what motivates your team, what makes them happy, and what they look for in a workplace, you can unlock an endless source of creativity and innovation. This might mean giving them access to physical and mental health facilities, improving their remuneration package, or offering higher education opportunities. So long as you target your offerings to suit what your team needs and wants, you should reap positive results. 

4. Cultivate Better All-Round Communication

If you believe the researchers, 30% of people are fed up with rubbish communication from their managers. However, we’d be willing to wager the figure is much higher. 

Improving your communication can almost instantly boost your teamwork. Setting expectations, clarifying goals, ensuring enhanced accessibility to resources and information, encouraging safe and honest communication—these are just some ways you can communicate with your team better.

You should also encourage them to communicate well with each other, and support that by providing the requisite technology. Get as granular as you can with this, providing notes from debriefs and meetings so they are accessible to everyone, including remote team members. 

5. Embrace Diverse Teams

A diverse team benefits from a wide range of life experience, skills, and perspectives. By building a diverse team, you arm your business to take on tasks with confidence and creative flair. Diversity has also been shown to deliver performance gains of 39% compared to teams with low diversity

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”  – Michael Jordan 

Is it time your business prioritised teamwork and effective collaboration? Improved efficiency, better job satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and successful projects are all up for grabs, making this a mission worth pursuing.

Whether you push diversity, implement better communication techniques, boost wellbeing, use SMART goals, or employ collaboration skills experts, you should soon see your business go from strength to strength. Teamwork can and will make your business dream work!