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Leading Australian franchisor launches end-to-end franchising software for industry

  • Written by Heather Marano

Franchise Cloud Solutions is a proven and best practice franchising solution, developed by leading Australian franchisor Hire A Hubby

Recognising a gap in the franchising industry for a cost effective, all-in-one franchising solution, leading Australian franchisor, Hire A Hubby, has launched cloud-based franchising system, Franchise Cloud Solutions.

Leveraging cloud-based Salesforce software and accessible on all devices, Franchise Cloud Solutions is an end-to-end franchising system with the capability to manage every possible function in a franchise. With the potential to replace all out-of-date and inefficient franchisor legacy systems, the solution offers franchisors real-time reporting, a single source of truth for data, accounting integration, benchmarking capability, Franchise Code compliance and marketing automation.

Recognising that there are hundreds of expensive and clunky franchising IT systems being built and used in isolation, Franchise Cloud Solutions was developed as a cost effective and best practice industry solution. Franchise Cloud Solutions has been developed and tested successfully with Hire A Hubby over the past six years, and is Australian owned and operated.

As an out-of-the-box solution, Franchise Cloud Solutions doesn’t attract the development expenses and ongoing maintenance costs of building a system from scratch. Franchise Cloud Solutions takes care of all development and maintenance, enabling franchisors to maintain their focus on their core business whilst reducing the need for large CAPEX commitments.

Thanks to finance partner 3E, Franchise Cloud Solutions offers a Software and Services Finance package to help franchisors avoid an upfront capital outlay. The costs of the solution, licensing, installation, training, and consultancy are combined into one finance agreement and a payment plan over 36 months.  

MD of Franchise Cloud Solutions and CEO of Hire A Hubby, Brendan Green, suggests that since the system has been developed by franchisors, with the unique needs of franchisors in mind, it is unlike anything else on the market.

“Six years ago, Hire A Hubby embarked on a digital transformation project to develop a bespoke franchising system to manage every part of our business digitally,” says Green.

“We set out to develop a system which would give us the tools to improve franchisee retention and recruitment, provide better transparency over franchisee operations and ensure simpler franchisor compliance.

“During the development and rollout, we quickly realised that the system had huge untapped potential to become a cost effective, flexible and scalable industry wide solution.

“We realised just how valuable it would be to have a franchising system on the market which is actually developed and tested by franchisors. As a franchisor, we understand the unique pain points and opportunities for franchisors, because we’ve experienced them too.

“We also recognised that by offering an out-of-the-box, yet customisable solution, it significantly reduces the cost for franchisors - therefore equipping both emerging franchisors and established franchisors alike with cutting edge franchising software at a fraction of the cost.

“We’re proud after six years of development and testing to launch the proven and best practice system, Franchise Cloud Solutions, to market.”

Hire A Hubby won the 2017 FCA Excellence in Franchising Award in the Franchise Innovation category for the team’s work on Franchise Cloud Solutions, and was shortlisted in three other categories including Franchisor of the Year.

For more information on Franchise Cloud Solutions visit or call 1800 227 881.

About Franchise Cloud Solutions

Franchise Cloud Solutions is an end-to-end franchising system with the capability to manage all of the individual functions in a franchise system.

Recognising that there are hundreds of expensive and ineffective franchising systems being built and used in isolation, Franchise Cloud Solutions was developed by Brendan Green, CEO of franchisor Hire A Hubby, as a cost effective and best practice industry solution.

Leveraging cloud-based software and accessible on all devices, Franchise Cloud Solutions offers franchisors real-time reporting, a single source of truth for data, accounting integration, benchmarking capability, simple compliance and marketing automation.

About Hire A Hubby

Hire A Hubby is Australia’s largest handyman business. Hubbies provide handyman, repairs, maintenance and renovation services for individuals and companies throughout Australia. Hire A Hubby also has a commercial division which completes large scale and national jobs, utilising the distributed network of franchisees.

The idea for Hire A Hubby was born back in 1996, when the founder was doing some handyman work in his lounge room when his wife’s friend quipped, “gee he’s handy, can I hire your hubby?” 21 years later there are now 321 franchisees in Australia, 50 in NZ and 10 in the UK.

In a major milestone for Hire A Hubby, 2017 saw the first $1M sales results from a single unit franchise owner achieved in the regional area of Cairns.

About Brendan Green

Brendan Green is the CEO of Hire A Hubby and MD of Franchise Cloud Solutions. Brendan has been the CEO of Australia’s largest handyman business, Hire A Hubby, for 20 years. He has grown the business from one franchise in 1996, to 321 franchisees across Australia, 50 in New Zealand and 10 in the UK. Leveraging over 20 years experience in franchising, Brendan launched an end-to-end franchising solution, Franchise Cloud Solutions, in 2017. Brendan is a natural entrepreneur, having launched his own lawn mowing business when he was just 19. In his free time Brendan enjoys motor sports and spending time with his family. 

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