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How to Kickstart Your Career as a Freelance Content Writer

  • Written by News Company

The freelance economy is booming. Not only are freelancers of different types in demand in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, but they also earn significantly more per hour than salaried employees.

Demand is also increasing for skilled freelance content writers. The freelance writing niche is growing and, as people rely more heavily on the internet, the greater the need for more content. Big and small companies are on the lookout for writers that can create quality articles for publication on their sites, and third-party sites. In 2019 alone, more than 40% of businesses outsourced their content writing to freelance individuals or companies working with freelancers.

If this sounds like something you could do, here are some tips on how to start your career as a freelance content writer.

How to set yourself up

First things first, you need to make sure you have a suitable space to work in and the right equipment on hand. You don’t necessarily need an office, but you do need a place where you can sit and work without any distractions. A desk, suitable computer chair, natural and artificial lighting, and peace, are essential. In addition, you need a reliable internet connection with a good upload and download rate and a computer that is powerful enough for word processing and internet surfing.

Get yourself out there

There are a number of online platforms that work exclusively with freelancers. UpWork, Freelancer, Outsourcely, Fiverr, and Credo all offer services to Australasian-based users. You sign up, upload your CV and examples of your work, and you are good to go. Most of these sites will take a small percentage of each job you undertake so be sure to factor this into your accounting. Another great way to get clients is to actively reach out to them. If you have found your niche or niches such as finance, gaming, tech, or eCommerce, why not contact companies in these sectors and propose your services? There is nothing to be lost by sending your CV, examples of work, and rates to them and asking if they want to schedule a call to chat about possible collaboration. 

Sectors that are always hiring

As a content writer, it’s useful to focus on one or a few industries. If you aren’t sure where to channel your efforts, here are some suggestions.

Online gambling

New Zealand and Australia’s online gambling sectors are worth millions of dollars annually and are continuing to grow. Platforms and operators are always looking for writers to discuss industry news, new launches, and products, as well as to provide information on their services. Even if you’ve never gambled before, you can gain valuable information for your articles from comprehensive bonus guides that list gambling bonuses and features of various sites. In terms of New Zealand, Josh Long has everything covered here and it’s a great place to start for budding iGaming content writers.

Cryptocurrency news

The cryptocurrency and blockchain sector is fast-moving and dynamic. There are hundreds of crypto news sites out there that are in need of regular news, updates, analysis, and information. In addition to this, there is also a need for blog pieces and link building articles. With new developments happening every day, there are lots of topics to be covered including regulatory, tech, launches, and the state of the markets.


The technology sector is one that is also experiencing a period of massive growth. It has become intrinsically intertwined in our lives and we all interact with it on a daily basis. New innovations in AI, VR, machine learning, the internet, and various devices are changing the way we do things and someone has to write about it. There is always a need for tech bloggers to report on recent developments, provide reviews, and drum up hype about new technologies in Australia. 

Feeling inspired? We hope this post has given you some insight and motivation to take the first steps towards being a freelance content writer.