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Taking Advantage of Family Lawyers in Sydney Offering a Free Consultation

  • Written by News Company

Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation is a scenario that citizens should take advantage of.

There are so many costs that are incorporated in a legal battle, so the possibility of tapping into the expertise and experience of an educated and certified solicitor should be a chance too good to pass up. If you want one of the best certified practitioners in the business, you can’t go past O’Sullivan Legal.

From divorces and annulments to divisions of assets, child custody battles, domestic abuse and restraining orders, this is a domain that incorporates a wide variety of unique cases.

Yet receiving representation in the city can be a stressful time for spouses that have no history with a mediation room or court setting, not to mention the funds to finance a lengthy fight.

When a firm offers the chance for people to sit down with them and talk about their circumstance, it is time to pick their brain and set out a course of action to resolve the issue.

What They Make of Your Circumstances

First and foremost it is vital that you lay out the facts of the case with family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation. No matter if it is child custody rights, dividing assets and liabilities from a divorce or issuing a restraining order following a case of domestic abuse, they should be informed about the scenario and offer their feedback. This will relate to previous examples and their success dealing with these matters.

Room for Concessions and Mediation

Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation will conclude their thoughts on the circumstances and ask you back whether or not you have room for making concessions or engaging in mediation. Entering a courtroom is an avenue that is deemed as the last course of action when a resolution cannot be reached or the opposition counsel is facing assault or abuse charges. If there is an opening to concede on some agreeable terms, that could provide a gateway to a more beneficial outcome.

Expected Duration of Legal Proceedings

Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation will have a general idea about how long a legal proceeding can take. If the opposing counsel is willing and able to come to the mediation table, terms can be reached within a respectable timeframe. If there is genuine conflict from both parties, the duration will surely be extended.

How They Bill Clients

Sitting down to talk with family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation should lead to a financial discussion at some stage. Whilst you will be tempted to go straight to the concept of a ballpark figure with a dollar sign in front of it, the key question to ask is how they bill their constituents rather than how much. Unless a firm is in the business of providing their community with pro bono representation, these quotes will be designated around flat fees, hourly rates, commensurate with an end result or a combination. Find out what this policy will be and weigh it against their expected duration of the proceedings.

Can They Work With You?

Having quizzed a representative of the firm for their thoughts, opinions and feedback on these matters, it is time to get down to case at hand. Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation should be positioned for a frank discussion – can they work with you? Having looked at the challenges and the details and run an assessment on the client’s financial capacity and willingness to take the conflict to court, do they have the schedule and stamina to be their solicitor? There is a difference between offering counsel through a free consultation and being willing and able to undertake the task.


Sourcing legal advice for $0 is a privilege that should not be wasted under any condition. If you come across family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation without any strings attached or obligations to register, then that is an opening to lean on their experience and expertise. Even in the event that an attorney-client formal relationship is not established, just the possibility of discussing a potential legal maneuver or looking at the conflict through a different perspective could change the landscape.