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Business Meetings - What is the correct Way to Write Roman Dates

  • Written by Hassan Ahmad

How do most people plan their daily tasks? What is the first parameter which they think about before starting the day? They think about the date so that the activities for that day can be planned accordingly. Deadlines, project submissions and meeting sessions are all planned according to dates. Consider the following sentence

  • The meeting will be on Wednesday at 11:00 AM

The information provided in this sentence is incomplete because there is a Wednesday in every week. However, it would make more sense when date is included in it. Consider the following edited form.

  • The meeting will be on Wednesday 15th Jan 2019 at 11:00 AM.

The modified version makes sense as the date has been inserted. Date is represented in various formats. 29th January 2019 is one of the formats. The same date can be written as 29/1/2019. The Roman date format is one of the older ones. However, even today, it is being used globally particularly in the corporate world.

Requirement of considerable time span

A lot of time is needed to perform these date conversions and people usually do not have the time to do that. If you are working in the corporate sector and email with the date in Roman format has to be sent, a better option than manual conversion is needed. Most of these emails have to be sent urgently so hours cannot be spent on converting the date. Other than that, if a mistake is made during the conversion, an incorrect date would be mentioned on the email. This would obviously create a negative impression. There is no doubt when you are performing this conversion, output with 100% efficiency is needed. By using manual methods, it is not possible to accomplish this task. However, using a Roman numerals date converter is obviously an error free option with more reliability.

The concept and logic

Let us consider that you want to write the date 29th January 2019 in Roman form. Here is how you would go about converting it. The following steps would be executed to get done with the conversion.

  • The date is broken down into three components. These include the day, month and year. Each of them is converted to the Roman form and then all of them are combined. For instance, the Roman form of 29th January 2019 would be given as “XXIX•I•MMXIX”. Here, the day, month and year are separated by a period.

  • Apparently it seems that converting the standard date format to the Roman one is quite simple but that is not the case.

Why are manual Roman date conversions not recommended?

There is a big difference between knowing the Roman forms of single digits and generating correct dates. Even a 5th grade would know that 4 is represented as IV in Roman. Converting the standard date form to the Roman one is a task that involves both concentration and knowledge. It is hard to perform the correct conversion manually even if you have a lot of time available on your hands.

Here are some major factors which show why manual Roman date conversions do not work.

Immense knowledge of Roman Dates

Converting the standard format of dates requires a lot more than having basic knowledge of Roman numbers. This conversion process has some important principles involved. You need to be well versed with the rules so that no errors are made. Most people make mistakes even if they have detailed knowledge about Roman numeral conversions. Another issue is that this conversion involves several steps so and a slight slip of concentration can result errors.

Usage Procedure

This is not a complex tool which would cause usage problems for the user. It has a simple set of options. A certain category of tools is used by technical professionals only. If you don’t have technical knowledge, you would not be able to use them. Here are the steps you have to complete to use this tool.

This is the first step and you have to select the date format. It is basically a selection option. There are three inputs for entering the date. In the first box, you have to select the month. After that, you have to enter the date and month respectively. Once you have entered these three input parameters, advance to the next step. There are multiple options of date format which you can make a selection from. For instance, if you are picking the DD.MM. YYYY format, select it. Similarly, if you want to select the dot as the delimiter, choose it and move on to the result calculation stage. To generate the output, click the convert button to generate Roman date. If you think that any adjustments have to be made, click the reset button and make the appropriate changes.

No need to think about technical complexities

Technically complex tools are quite hard to deal with. If you have not used such complex tools in the past, there is a long list of problems you can face. For instance, you can get stuck while using one of the options. Similarly, you may get confused about a particular feature. If you talk about how complex this tool is, it is one of the easiest ones for the user. The user only has to enter the input parameters and the tool would perform the conversion after that. If you compare the effort needed to determine the tool using manual methods with using a calculator, using the tool is much easier.

Summing it up

Roman date converters are helpful tools which help with instant date conversions. It is possible to perform this conversion manually as well. However, the option is tough and immense skills are needed for this purpose. If you are not completely clear about principles of Roman conversion, this option would not work for you. Using a tool for this purpose would work as a better alternative.