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Sydney Pest Control Quick Traps Against Vermin Invasion – Effective, Fast, and Easy!

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How can you be vigilant when it comes to rodent infestation? There might be one trying to sneak into your home right now as we speak! It is crucial to protect your home from pest infestations, either by hiring pest control experts to assist you or by yourself.

Luckily, you don't have to be stressed anymore about finding out the preventive measures you can do against these nuisance pests. Let us share with you the top 3 home remedies to get them out of your residence (and even out from your office space!)

Top 3 Pest Control Sydney Tactics You Can Use to Get Rid of Rodents

Effective Mouse Traps to Quickly Keep the Rats Away

One of the most inexpensive solutions against rodent infestation is by using mouse traps. They are also frequently used by professional pest exterminators too! These contraptions are helpful if you wish to keep these unwanted visitors from ever coming back again. Some of the mouse trapping devices you can try are the following:

  • Snap Traps – This classic wooden mousetrap is commonly used in catching rats due to its' easy and quick trigger system that can swiftly kill them. It is generally made of specialized bar or spring mechanically designed to lure and instantly go for the kill.

  • Bar Traps – It is considered as one of the traditional kind of mousetrap, which primarily involves a bait that's cleverly placed on a pressure-sensitive switch. The spring-loaded bar is activated once a mouse gets attracted and unknowingly snitches the bait.

  • Electric Traps – This mouse trap is technically designed to lure the mouse in and is engineered to eliminate the rodents with a quick zap of electric shock. Though some say it is not the most cost-effective option, it can be still quite efficient and inconspicuously handle any vermin infestation.

These types of mousetraps are quite effective as long as you know how to use them well at their fullest potential. How so? Simply because you might be doing some mouse traps mistakes. Visit our blog to learn more about the top 5 effective Sydney Pest Control tactics for home proofing your attic and basement from rodent invaders.

Easy to Make Natural Home Remedies

Once you've spotted a rat in your home, you can try using these natural and home-ready remedies if you're not much of a fan of rodent traps.

  • Peppermint – Rats don't like the refreshing scent of peppermint so you can make use of peppermint essential oils to drive them away.

  • Bay Leaves – The aroma of bay leaves attracts the rodents, making them think as their food. However, they can choke themselves upon feeding on it, thus making it an efficient rodent control tactic.

  • Hot Pepper Flakes – Rats will soon run away once they detect hot pepper flakes sprinkled around the house. They are not very fond of it because their noses are easily irritated by the scent of spiciness.

  • Garlic Bulb – Any strong smell is unpleasant to rodents so it is best recommended to make use of this knowledge. Other than relying on the pungent smell of onions, you can replace it with garlic bulb and it will soon drive the vermin away!

What's the Fastest Solution? Hire and Trust the Best Sydney Pest Control Exterminators!

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