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Nerium International Announces Official Membership In New Zealand Direct Sellers Association

  • Written by Adrian Falk

Global leader in anti-ageing skincare, Nerium International, is honoured to announce that it has been approved for full, active membership in the New Zealand Direct Sellers Association (DSANZ) effective immediately.


Nerium International, based in Dallas, Texas, was founded by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Olson in 2011. Today Nerium International, with its cutting edge, anti-ageing skincare line of products, has reached over $1 billion in cumulative global sales and currently operates in nine countries.


Nerium New Zealand opened on 7 April this year as part of Nerium International’s Asia-Pacific expansion. With the New Zealand direct-selling industry at $1.6 billion1 and growing, Nerium International has enjoyed a successful launch into New Zealand’s thriving direct-selling market place.

The Direct Selling Association of New Zealand has established and upheld rigorous standards, ethics and good business practices as the recognised voice of the industry and Nerium is proud to have been recognised by this body within only a few short months since the company’s New Zealand launch.


“We are pleased to announce that Nerium International has been made an official member of the Direct Sellers Association of New Zealand, a thriving market for both the global anti-ageing skincare segment and the direct sales industry,” said Nerium International’s General Manager of New Zealand and Australia, Rick Arnold.

“Nerium International’s leadership team has enjoyed bringing our unique business model and revolutionary products to New Zealand as we continue to expand into the Asia-Pacific market.”

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About Nerium International

Based in Addison, TX, Nerium International is a global relationship marketing company with Age-Defying products crafted from cutting-edge research and science. Founded in 2011, Nerium International has shattered industry sales records while developing a strong customer base in North American, Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets. This unprecedented success has allowed Nerium International to generate $1 billion in cumulative sales after just four years. Led by an executive leadership team with vast domestic and international experience, Nerium International is committed to providing an excellent product line based in real science and providing its Independent Brand Partners with a life-changing and outstanding business opportunity through relationship marketing. For more information, please visit: