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How Luke Lazarus is Moulding Startups to Venture into the Competitive Global Market

  • Written by Emma Davidson

Globalization has brought about a lot of benefits in today's world. People enjoy high-quality consumer goods at lower prices thanks to the improved infrastructure connections and the globalized markets. However, it has had its challenges, especially for entrepreneurs who are starting up.

It is no brainer that any business operating in the global market is large scale and thus requires large scale capital. Since capital is a limited resource, raising massive amounts is always not easy for many entrepreneurs. As a result, a company lacking access to the requisite capital has virtually no chance to compete globally, regardless of the industry.

Startups and Venture Capital

Not all businesses have the potential to operate on a global level, depending on the sector or industry. However, some can thrive well globally, including clothing brands, software services, and app development. For these ventures that are global in nature, securing capital today is more than a luxury. In fact, it's a basic need for survival.

Luke Lazarus has become a solution to such capital needs. He is a renowned business consultant currently in Melbourne, Australia. He prides himself for founding, growing, and selling 5 companies, earning him a couple of millions of dollars.

At 35yrs, Luke Lazarus shelved his entrepreneurial role to employ the knowledge and skills he garnered during his career. Today, he helps entrepreneurs come up with well-rounded enterprises to impress investors, venture capitalists in particular.

Venture capital is quite essential and critical for every business. Although it is one of the riskiest investments that most investors shun, Lazarus regards angel investors and venture capitalists as skilled and most astute investors. In fact, he finds them better than freewheel gamblers.

At the startup stage, many business persons encounter lots of trouble often. Several startup owners argue that to secure a ten-million-dollar financing is a matter of a well-organized presentation in a few PowerPoint slides coupled with a speech full of buzzwords.

However, Lazarus emphasizes that a business must reflect what capitalist investors deem to have workability potential. He is also known to create messaging and branding, attracting both customers and long-term partners and investors. This is very important for business growth.

The IPO Model

There is one common thing in almost every project that Lazarus undertakes. His ultimate goal is always an acquisition or an IPO. In this regard, his objective is to a business to attain the highest sale value possible.

Today, without adequate capital, it is difficult or nearly impossible for a business to grow to the international market. As a result, competitors with such funding thrives on a competitive advantage.

With the expertise Lazarus has, he has embarked on helping clients secure finding. Everything about venture capital is on his fingertips since he has managed to secure funding for his and also clients’ businesses severally. He uses powerful branding messages and shapes his clients’ companies to have solid fundamentals. This gives his clients the edge they require to pitch for their businesses in Wall Street conference rooms.

He works tirelessly to intensely focus on bettering revenue growth, which IPO buyers, venture investors, and corporations looking for acquisitions love to see. He often argues that to make money, one must also have money, especially for startups. Therefore, new businesses looking for investors need to prove that they are money generating entities through their revenues.

Besides, his experience in the high finance arena, coupled with his accounting and marketing skills, adds a lot of value to his services. Lazarus says that these are essential skill sets that entrepreneurs should have to navigate through financing smoothly.

Investors continue to scour the globe, searching for high-yielding investment opportunities. Therefore, if willing to grow your business to a global threshold, you must be sharp in acquiring capital and finances. Luke Lazarus helps such entrepreneurs to win.