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The ultimate guide to buying a simple bookcase

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How many of us have gone to buy a simple Hampton bookshelf, had trouble finding one that meets our specifications, or wished the ones available would come in more sizes? We all know we need something to store our books in, but too often we won't spend much time looking past the obvious or settle for something that meets only a few of our needs. Why not take the opportunity when you're shopping and find one that will fit your book collection perfectly? Read the ultimate guide to buy a perfect and simple Hampton LA MAISON bookcase:

What will it be made of and what colour?

Do you want a metal, wooden, or plastic Hampton bookcase? Perhaps one that's been painted a bright color or covered in animal print? You can find just about any material used for your Hampton bookshelf. If you're looking for something simple and sturdy, go with metal.

How large of a collection do you have?

Some Hampton bookcases are made for lighter or more massive collections than others. If you need something for heavy books, go with metal. It may be on the pricier side, but it's worth it if your collection is too big or bulky to handle easily. Others offer shelves that can be adjusted if you need to go back and forth between different sizes.

How many shelves do you want?

Some Hampton bookcases offer only two shelves while others have three or four. If your collection is large, go with one that has more shelves for easier access. If you're short on space, choose a smaller one with fewer shelves or look for one with movable ones.

How wide is the shelf?

Don't forget to consider width as well as size and number of shelves. If you have a lot of small objects that fit on Hampton bookcases, choose one that's at least two inches wide or more. Try to keep them about four inches apart so your books don't tip-off.

Do you want a door?

Some Hampton bookcases have doors while others don't. It's up to you whether or not it's necessary, but if you have smaller items that need protection from dust and sunlight, try one with a door. If you own more valuable objects than books, consider a Hampton bookcase with a door just in case someone accidentally bumps it.

Drawers or baskets?

Not all Hampton bookcases come with drawers or baskets, but this can be a wonderful feature to have if you want to store your books and other objects separately. It's the perfect way of keeping your living room organized, especially if you have a small space.

What is stability like?

If you have a lot of heavy books or objects, your Hampton bookcase needs to be sturdy and well-balanced so it doesn't tip over when you reach for items on the highest shelves. If possible, push on its sides to make sure it can hold heavy items easily.

Do you have the space for a bookcase?

You're going to need some room around it, so measure your floor and wall space before buying one. Make sure that it's compatible with the size of your room and that it won't be too big or small for its location in your home. Also, consider the height of the Hampton bookcase so it's not too tall or short for you.

Do you have enough storage?

Look at the design of your Hampton bookcase before buying it so you know what to expect. Some are designed more simply than others for storing books, but if you plan on keeping knick-knacks and other items, make sure it has sufficient storage for everything you want.

Where will you place your new bookcase?

Take the location of your Hampton bookcase into consideration before buying one so you have a better idea of how to decorate it. If possible, avoid placing it where people walk because this could cause damages that are not easy to fix.

What is it made of?

What is the Hampton bookcase made out of? If it's covered in fabric, velvet, or another type of material with a pattern on it, there's a chance that your books will fall off with time if you don't use bookends. For this reason, choose a Hampton bookcase with a simple, solid design that has no extra frills or details.

Is it the right size?

Before buying your new Hampton bookcase, make sure you know how big or small it is and what dimensions will fit well in your room. It should be as close to the wall as possible so you don't waste any floor space and the height should fit your needs.

Consider shelves made of:

Solid wood generally lasts longer than particle board, but it can be very heavy to move especially if you have a lot of books or other objects. Lighter options like MDF (medium-density fiberboard) are also available but they're not as sturdy.

How many shelves does it have?

Some Hampton bookcases offer only two shelves while others come with three or four. If your collection is large, go with one that has more shelves for easier access and if you're short on space, choose a smaller one with fewer shelves or look for one with movable, adjustable shelves.

How are the shelf angles?

If you have a lot of heavy objects that will be placed on the top shelves, choose one with an angled base so it doesn't tip over easily. You can also use this to lower or raise its height if necessary. An angle is best for stability purposes but some Hampton bookcases only come with flat bases.

How much does it cost?

The price can vary depending on the size, design, and material of your Hampton bookcase. It's not necessary to spend a lot for one if you don't need it, but keep in mind that cheaper options may not last as long as solid wood. Choose the best value for your money.

Types of Bookshelves:

There are many different types of shelves available, although most are Hampton bookcases, they may not all meet your requirements. I'm sure you would prefer something with adjustable shelves if possible. Metal shelving is also very popular for many reasons; it's sturdy, easy to move, comes in a variety of styles and finishes, and can be picked up from your local hardware store at a reasonable price. Some different types of Hampton bookshelves are:

  1. corner bookshelf

  2. Ladder shelf

  3. wooden bookshelf

  4. glass door bookcase

  5. pine bookcase

  6. cube bookshelf

  7. rotating bookshelf

  8. billy bookcase

  9. circle bookshelf


Getting new furniture can be exciting, especially if you've outgrown what you have at home. Choose wisely so your new Hampton bookcase won't just stand around and gather dust on a shelf. Think about what features are most important to you before buying one so you'll get the most for your money. Make sure it's large and sturdy enough to hold your collection of books, DVDs, and knick-knacks and place a sofa near it so you can sit there and enjoy your time. With so many options available today, you shouldn't have a problem finding the right one for your space and style.

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