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Turtle Experiment: What can we learn from it?

  • Written by News Feature Team

Forex market is marvel wonder of the investment world. When the stock markets are trying to make money and grow big, this market has grown to be the largest investment market the world has ever seen. If you look at the Forex market, you will fall to the ground when you know how much money is being traded every second in this market. It is not millions and also not billions, the amount is in trillions and every day this market is growing big.

The turtle experiment in Forex was the true wonder that has made the traders of the world believe there is no luck in Forex. When Forex trading first started, traders were losing money and they are also losing it. At that time, many of the people believed that this market was rigged. There was one trader, named Dennis Richard who has made millions by trading in the market. He was seen as a legend of the investment world and many believe it was pure luck that brought this fame and money to Dennis. His partner, Eckhart also believed that Dennis was a miracle trader. They were all proved wrong by this turtle experiment and this is what earned this experiment a spot in the history of Forex forever, every trader from the present and the future can learn many things from this historical experiment of Forex.

As a human being, we have learned continuously to keep pace with this modern world. When it comes to the Forex trading profession we are participating the most volatile market in the world. So if we don’t trade this market with the extreme level of caution then we are bound to lose money. Just by assessing the current success rate of the traders it’s evident that this industry is not for all. Out of 100 traders, only 5 of them are making money on regular basis. So without working hard, it’s nearly impossible to become a successful trader. The starting part of your trading career will be a bumpy ride but over the period of time, everything will get easy. There nothing to fear, you need to have strong confidence to win this volatile market.

Every trader is born genius; it is the discipline which showcases their ingenuity

People believed that Dennis has a miracle that made him earn these millions. When he started this turtle experiment, there were not only Forex traders to be his students. Thousands of people to apply for a becoming the student of the legendary Forex trader. Everybody was not selected and only 14 people were lucky to be trading and learning with Dennis Richard. Among these traders, there are financial consultants, traders and teacher and also other professionals. Some of these people did not have any prior education in Forex and many of them had no idea how to trade. They were given education and taught how to trade by Dennis himself and within two weeks, their training was complete. We think it will take us years to achieve mastery, but Dennis showed us mastery can be achieved in weeks. These traders were later given money by Dennis whom they invested and made more than 100 million in the next years. Many of them had no schooling on Forex and they were making thousands of dollars. It was all because of their discipline. This experiment broke the biggest myth that Dennis was an ordinary trader. Every trader is brilliant born but needs the discipline to showcase his wisdom and intuition.

Time and tide wait for none. So if you decide to become a full-time trader then start learning the fundamental things of this market. Try to find some good trading course conducted by the professional trader so that you can get an overall idea of this market. Think about the advance money management system before placing a trade. Never take unnecessary risk to make a big profit.